Policy Statements

As a research-based company dedicated to providing innovative technologies to meet the food and fiber needs of our world’s rapidly expanding population, Dow AgroSciences recognizes that long-term business success is founded on sustainable business practices. Included among these are consistent adherence to ethical practices, dedicated service to our customers, concerted stewardship of our products, and other foundational values, standards and practices more fully articulated in the Dow Code of Business Conduct.

The following policies guide us in our implementation of these commitments.

Product Integrity


The objective of this policy is to comply with Dow AgroSciences' strong commitment to product stewardship and to comply with all applicable regulations.


Dow AgroSciences and its agents will not sell or distribute pesticide products containing any extraneous ingredients at concentrations which could cause regulatory or performance issues.


This policy applies to all commercially available Dow AgroSciences registered and labelled products, any products approved for use under a pre-registration use permit, as well as any products for which Dow AgroSciences is acting as an agent for another company. Experimental samples prepared for field trials and other studies are covered under good laboratory practice requirements.


It is common practice in the pesticide industry to utilize non-dedicated equipment in the development, production, packaging, transportation and distribution of pesticides. This use may create the potential for the introduction of extraneous ingredients into pesticide products. The presence of extraneous ingredients in a pesticide product may cause crop residues in excess of local regulations, adverse biological effects to the crops or other target plant species on which the pesticide is applied, adverse ecological effects, and/or impaired physical performance of the product. Dow AgroSciences believes that the level of concentration of extraneous ingredients allowed by this policy will not cause adverse biologically, ecologically, or toxicologically significant effects and will comply with all applicable regulations.

Policy on Product Counterfeiting

Dow AgroSciences believes that counterfeit and illegal products represent a significant threat to human health and the environment, jeopardize plant health and crop production and also pose an economic threat to international trade and the sustainability of the global food supply. We believe the threat posed by counterfeit and illegal products to be one of the most critical issues facing our industry today.

Consistent with this recognition, Dow AgroSciences is committed to coordinated efforts – both within its own business and throughout the CropLife network of associations – toward a globally integrated industry approach to the entire value chain in advocating shared principles, positions and operational procedures; in calling government attention to this issue; and in closing loopholes allowing the sale of counterfeit products.

This Dow AgroSciences policy is supported by a global management team charged with oversight and implementation of company-wide anti-counterfeiting initiatives. As central part of these initiatives, Dow AgroSciences commits to:

  • Work closely with global and national trade associations to encourage government, customers and other stakeholders worldwide in the adoption of stringent anti-counterfeiting policies and practices;
  • Actively investigate reports and vigorously respond to instances of counterfeiting of Dow AgroSciences products worldwide;
  • Pursue available legal remedies to have unauthorized materials removed from the market and to have those responsible for that traffic penalized;
  • Pursue technological innovations to better maintain the identify of Dow AgroSciences products; and
  • Provide necessary resources to implement these policies and practices on an ongoing basis.

These Dow AgroSciences initiatives are consistent with our company’s philosophy and policy on product stewardship. When customers buy our branded products, they have a right to expect that they are getting what they purchased, that it will perform as indicated and that the use precautions on the label do in fact offer them adequate protection.

As part of our product stewardship and anti-counterfeiting policies, we feel a fundamental concern for health, safety and the environment and for all those who may come into contact with our products. We cannot – and will not – allow counterfeit materials to be sold under the guise of our label, and our business conduct will consistently reflect our concerted opposition to this illegal traffic.