Paradigm™ Arylex™ Active

Paradigm is a new, post-emergence herbicide for wheat, triticale and barley that combines robust control of broadleaf weeds with the flexibility of a wide application window and excellent crop safety. Paradigm is particularly active on fumitory and works well in cold conditions. Paradigm is ideally suited to follow pre-emergence applications of Firebird® herbicide.


  • New chemistry
  • Widely compatible
  • Flexible application timing
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Easy to use formulation
  • Low application rates
  • Robust weed control
  • Flexible re-cropping intervals
  • Cold weather active
  • Short grazing WHP

How does it work?

Paradigm contains two new, unique active ingredients:

  • Arylex Active (a plant growth regulator (Group O)herbicide) belonging to a unique subgroup which controls difficult to control weeds not controlled by other group O herbicides.
  • Florasulam (an ALS inhibitor (Group B) herbicide) belonging to the triazolopyrimidine sulfonanilide class of chemistry - it inhibits cell division and causes death in susceptible plants.

Because Paradigm is a mixture of two active ingredients with different modes of action, the potential for weeds to develop resistance is reduced. Weeds that are resistant to herbicides with other modes of action are controlled.

Paradigm is absorbed through the leaves and shoots as well as the roots of plants, before moving into the sap stream to accumulate in the growing points. Treated weeds stop growing almost immediately and their foliage collapses and becomes twisted and yellow in colour. In very cold or slow growth conditions weeds may remain in this state for several weeks. However, because the root system is severely affected, susceptible weeds will die when good growing conditions return. This means that weed control is robust – even in winter conditions.