Transform™ Isoclast™ Active

Transform is an entirely new systemic insecticide with a novel mode of action for controlling sap-feeding (sucking) insects. It controls aphids, including cereal aphid vectors of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (Oat aphid and Corn aphid), Grain aphid and Rose grain aphid. • Transform is soft on beneficial insects (i.e. it is IPM-compatible) and can be used in systems which rely on beneficial insects (predators and parasitoids) to help control pests. It has a favourable ecotoxicology profile and is not persistent in the environment


• Contains 240 g/L Isoclast as a suspension concentrate.
• Has excellent systemic and translaminar activity.
• Is fast-acting, with rate-dependent residual control.
• Is effective against insects which are resistant to other insecticides; a rotational partner with other chemistries.
• Has a broad label – many crops and pests.
• Has an excellent fit in IPM programs because it has minimal impact on beneficial insects and predatory mites.
• Can be applied by ground-rig or by air in cotton, cereals and canola.

How does it work?

• Transform is a nicotinic receptor agonist which exhibits “complex and unique interactions with the insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR)”.
• Symptoms of insect intoxication may become evident within minutes of application but maximum effect may not be seen in the field until 4 days after application.