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We are proud of our people and the work we do around the world. Below you will find information about that work around the world.


  • AMPATH - Assisting 200 million-plus people in Africa who are food insecure is part of Dow AgroSciences’ comprehensive food insecurity initiative. We are doing this by partnering with AMPATH Kenya. You can follow this initiative on social media by searching #agforafrica.
  • Around DowAgro - We operate in more than 130 countries worldwide.  From working with customers to the impact we make in the communities where we live and work, learn more about Dow AgroSciences around the world.
  • By Employees - Our employees are at the heart of what we do.  Their passion about our mission to address food insecurity can be seen in the work that they do every day.

Dow AgroSciences Indonesia launches Tenano 360SC


Dow AgroSciences Indonesia recently launched Tenano 360SC (Spinoxy) in key area planted with Rice. 700 farmers came to the venue of launch event to see how the new technology called “Ovicidal Effect” from Tenano 360SC worked better than current insecticide products.

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The Future of Ag Depends on Students Today


Our world has changed a lot in 30 years. We have tablets and laptop computers, we’ve sequenced the human genome, and we have the internet, GPS and smartphones that can do almost anything we ask of them.

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The Agriculture support team of AMPATH with the aid of Dow AgroSciences has made some positive progress for the small farmers of Western Kenya.  Last spring was challenging in getting our 21 Demo plots planted.

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Featured Scientist: Anne Alix


Meet our newest Featured Scientist, Anne Alix. She is our European Risk Management Leader for Regulatory & Government Affairs Europe, Latin America and Pacific at Dow AgroSciences. She recently was recognized for outstanding contributions to support the agricultural science industry and was selected as the Vice President of Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

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Grand Prizes and Goldfish: Employees Share Favorite Indiana State Fair Memories


Taking a prize-winning pig to Indianapolis. Milkshakes at the Dairy Bar. Grandpa’s eyes lighting up over historic tractors in Pioneer Village. Winning a goldfish. The memories came flooding back for Dow AgroSciences employees when they were asked about their favorite Indiana State Fair moments.

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Internship Provides Valuable Lessons


This summer I’ve had the privilege of working with David Young and Javier Delgado as an intern in the Discovery Biology Department. The goal of my project was to understand how a class of fungicides binds to a protein target in fungi to aid in the design of more effective fungicides.

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From Ghana to Indy


When I heard that we were going to visit Dow AgroSciences, I was very excited. Coming from the West African country of Ghana with a population of about 27 million, and with a dream of transforming my company into a biotech company, visiting a biotech company like Dow was a dream come true.

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Dow AgroSciences Philippines Launches EXALT 60 SC (Spinetoram)


Dow AgroSciences Philippines recently launched EXALT 60 SC (Spinetoram) in key areas planted with cabbage. In a market where resistance issues with current insecticide products has been a problem for many years now, a new, effective and green chemistry product such as EXALT 60 SC is welcome news for farmers.

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Congress Passes National Uniform Food Labeling Legislation


This week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that preempts Vermont’s GMO labeling mandate. By a vote of 306 to 117, the House signed off on legislation (S. 764) that is based on sound science and ensures consumer access to food information, while also protecting America’s farmers and agribusinesses.

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Project Population Health


What do you think of when you hear the words “Population Health?” Here in Eldoret, Kenya, working with the AMPATH Network, we describe it as an integrated model of care delivery that aims to improve outcomes of health and social well-being.

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