STEM Activities with Science Ambassadors


The Dow AgroSciences Science Ambassadors are an employee group who work to engage the next generation of researchers through the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Today, more than 270 employees located in Indianapolis participate in STEM outreach by attending schools, science fairs and large STEM events throughout Central Indiana.


We recognize that the students in our classrooms today will need to be the researchers of tomorrow as they take the lead in providing solutions for the growing world.

We also acknowledge the role educators play in developing students to be the researchers we need for tomorrow. We are happy to offer support for educators and their classrooms—just ask us! DSC00952

Invite Science Ambassadors to your event

Our Science Ambassador program currently is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Dow AgroSciences Global Headquarters. To have our Science Ambassadors attend one of your STEM events or classrooms, fill out a request form.

Science Ambassador Activities

Our Science Ambassadors have a wide variety of hands on demonstrations to bring to classrooms and STEM events.

Healthy Oils / Nutrition

Always a crowd pleaser! This demonstration helps students learn about the importance of eating healthy, reading food labels and what information on food packaging means. Students, teachers and parents get to test their tasting skills as they guess which popcorn sample is made with the Dow AgroSciences' Nexera Canola Oil—which contains heart-healthy monosaturated fats rather than trans fats—and which popcorn sample is made with traditional hydrogenated oil.


This hands-on demonstration takes students through the process of creating genetically engineered crops through biotechnology. Key takeaways include the concept of protein expression—demonstrated through an interactive ELISA test, detecting for the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). The Bt trait is utilized today through many crop technologies to help prevent pests from destroying crop yields and is responsible for the Dow AgroSciences’ Herculex1 trait.


For our future entomologists! This vast collection of insects contains the world’s largest moth. If requested, this activity can come complete with live visitors from the Dow AgroSciences’ insectary—our ever popular Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Students discover how insects are part of our ecosystem and why it’s important to study them in agricultural research.


You can be the bee in this engaging activity! Students learn about the role different insects and animals play in pollination as they travel through a dichotomous key to become a pollinator that helps product one of the many food crops people enjoy.


Is it magic? No—it’s science! Students use hands-on activities to make snow, the same kind used on Hollywood movie sets. Our Science Ambassadors also show off their magic tricks as they make water disappear. These demonstrations teach students about polymers and how they are used in real-life.


Kids big and small love robots—not to mention teachers and parents. Our robot wows as it sorts different candies by color.

DNA Extraction from Strawberries

Students are able to be a real-life scientist as our Science Ambassadors take them through the DNA extraction process. This helps show students that DNA is in everything, fruit, you and them!

DNA Wristbands

How does DNA work? Everyone has unique characteristics about their appearance, making them true individuals. This is done through a combination of traits determined by our DNA. Students are walked through the process of creating a bracelet with different colored beads that represent their unique traits and characteristics.

Genes are a Toss Up

This hands on activity teaches students about punnet squares as they roll the dice to determine what genetic traits their crop or offspring will have.

Science Careers

We’re scientists, sales reps, operational leaders and more—but what do we do every day? We are happy to come talk to your class or organization about what it takes to work in the agricultural industry.

Corn Breeding

Genetic modification of traits has been going on for nearly 10,000 years. This interactive activity takes students through the process of corn breeding and the role it has played in agriculture throughout the years.