GettyImages519476052smallCopyWhether it’s the backdrop to family memories, a path to healthy living, or simply sustenance for our bodies, food is something we all share. But with today’s complex food choices, it can be difficult to sort reality from hype. That’s what this blog is all about – common sense, straight talk about the food on our tables and where it comes from. We invite you into our discussion and look forward to a lively dialogue.

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Don't Get Caught in a Food Label Trap


Research has proven that adding health claims to front labels affects people’s food choices. And, some food label claims are extremely misleading.

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One plus One Equals Two: Buying Food in the Information Era


As a proud older sister of two brothers, I recently found myself talking with another friend about the joys of being an older sibling. She shared a story about a time she tried teaching her younger brother math. She asked him, “What is one plus one?” He answered, “three.” When she told him the answer was two, he looked at her and stated that he wanted the answer to be three, so it was going to be.

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How Are GMOs Made?


GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are living things (in this case, plants) whose DNA has been altered. For thousands of years we’ve altered plant DNA through traditional plant breeding to create a plant or crop with the characteristics, or traits, we desire. Since the advent of biotechnology, scientists are able to create GMOs at a faster pace and improve upon those desired traits, or add in new traits.

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What we can learn from farmers in Kenya


I had the opportunity to move from Australia to live in Kenya for six months in 2015 as part of the Dow AgroSciences partnership with AMPATH, a medical based group with social workers, agribusiness managers, researchers, nutritionists and legal aid striving to help AIDS patients in Kenya have empowered and fulfilled lives. This experience taught me many things.

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What makes milk organic?


My neighbors and I love to try our hand at growing vegetables but often have wars with the local bunnies eating our delicious veggies. The conversation turned towards what does organic, local and natural mean.

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Growing little foodies


Parents spend countless hours trying to make informed decisions about the food they choose to feed their children. But what happens when it’s time for those kids to do their own shopping? Teaching my daughter from an early age to have an appreciation of where our food came from and how to prepare it was the foundation of her ability to make good food decisions as a 20-year-old college student.

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Food is About To Get Informative


Digitization. We are hearing this word a lot lately and we’ll be hearing it even more over time. It brings to mind a number of topics: Internet-of-Things, Digital Marketing, Big Data, Analytics, 3D Printing… to name a few.

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Food-focused learning activities for curious kids


Our children are sponges of information and long to learn. What we teach them will hopefully last a lifetime and help them throughout life and even with their own families. Years ago, relatives were closely involved in agriculture so the question of where our food comes from was obvious to all age groups. That has changed over time. I didn’t grow up on a farm; I have to go back to my great grandparents to have a direct relationship to agriculture in my family.

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Make the easy choice the healthy choice


As a mother of two young girls, a full-time employee and a part-time student, I literally have no time. Each week we are running from work to dance, swimming, pilates or hockey. There are definitely those hectic days that I just need to find something quick and easy to feed my family. I’ll admit that my children know what the “golden arches“ are… When I need to choose a fast food restaurant, I actively seek out establishments that are trying to provide their customers with healthier options, like products made with healthy omega-9 oils

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Our food is produced more sustainably: Here’s how


Sometimes it feels like an accomplishment just to get dinner on the table. We need to find something that our kiddos will want to eat (or at least make look like a smiley face to get them to try it). We want it to be quick, not leave us with a huge mess to clean up and, above all, be healthy (while not blowing our grocery budget).

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