GettyImages519476052smallCopyWhether it’s the backdrop to family memories, a path to healthy living, or simply sustenance for our bodies, food is something we all share. But with today’s complex food choices, it can be difficult to sort reality from hype. That’s what this blog is all about – common sense, straight talk about the food on our tables and where it comes from. We invite you into our discussion and look forward to a lively dialogue.

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Need Ways to Stop Wasting Fresh Veggies?


Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! The sounds fill the barn. I just got done feeding half a bunch of slimy cilantro, lettuce and parsley to some of our rabbits. These were the leftovers or forgotten pieces from what I bought at the grocery store. I try to limit the food I waste, but instead, the rabbits are feasting more on the extra veggies from my refrigerator drawers. So, what can us busy moms do to get the most from the food we buy?

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The Rewards of a Family Garden


As a North Dakota farm kid, I was lucky enough to grow up with a large family garden. As an 11-year-old, weeding and watering was not very attractive, but I did it, and the food we harvested was fresh and delicious. During winter, our canned veggies, fruits and jellies, spruced up cold meals.

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4 Reasons Why Rice is Way More than An Empty Carb


What do Buddha bowls, California rolls and burritos have in common? Rice. It’s a kitchen staple for adding substance to veggie-focused meals, and now there are even more reasons to love it.

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Edu-tain Your Herd


In a world where everything is a swipe, click or a touch away we can easily forget that there is a behind-the-scenes process of how our products, services and goods become available to us. One of the biggest products in our lives is always sitting on the shelf right when we need it; food. But how does it get there?

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Sugar, Sugar


Sugar is definitely a hot topic these days. In fact, sugar makes up 13 percent of the caloric intake of Americans (which is more than saturated fat). Being in-the-know about the different types of sugars and its impact on health is an important step in making the best food choices you can, so we did some background work for you.

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Dow AgroSciences Hunger Solutions Network: 5 years of Impact


At an early age, I decided that I would choose a life path that, in some way, serves others and the greater good. As a result, I’ve had many volunteer experiences. I participated in a medical mission to the Dominican Republic, taught Zambian police departments about forensic science and led borehole water projects in Zimbabwe. Every experience has broadened my perspective reminded me what I take for granted.

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Meeting in the Middle


When I think about my family, friends, coworkers and career, it is safe to say that I am completely immersed in agriculture. I grew up on a farm East of Vulcan, Alberta. My mom and dad, as well as their parents on both sides, farmed. My closest friends all work in the agriculture industry, so you can imagine our conversations and our pro-GMO mindsets are well aligned.

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Better Food Packaging Means Less Food Waste


Have you ever experienced buying something such as a yogurt, a bottle of mustard or any other food where it was hard to push, pour, or smash the product out of its packaging? I have.

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Don't Get Caught in a Food Label Trap


Research has proven that adding health claims to front labels affects people’s food choices. And, some food label claims are extremely misleading.

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One plus One Equals Two: Buying Food in the Information Era


As a proud older sister of two brothers, I recently found myself talking with another friend about the joys of being an older sibling. She shared a story about a time she tried teaching her younger brother math. She asked him, “What is one plus one?” He answered, “three.” When she told him the answer was two, he looked at her and stated that he wanted the answer to be three, so it was going to be.

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