GettyImages519476052smallCopyWhether it’s the backdrop to family memories, a path to healthy living, or simply sustenance for our bodies, food is something we all share. But with today’s complex food choices, it can be difficult to sort reality from hype. That’s what this blog is all about – common sense, straight talk about the food on our tables and where it comes from. We invite you into our discussion and look forward to a lively dialogue.

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Make your garden more eco-friendly


Mother Nature forgets to send rain from time to time. To help keep your garden growing, simple conservation practices make a difference. Here are three my family uses that truly make a difference in our gardening success.

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How farmers keep food prices low


There are many misconceptions between the consumer and the producer when it comes to food. Mainly, there is a disconnect between farmers and shoppers. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn where food comes from and the steps taken to make it purchase-ready.

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A call for more sustainable farming through technology


Recently I had a surprising epiphany on the way to drop off my daughter at school. It was a silent drive free from my usual morning drive-time radio addiction because my daughter was diligently studying for a quiz using the school’s online study tools.

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Online grocery shopping: How does it affect your buying choices


I have realized that grocery shopping online is becoming more and more popular. In fact, online shopping in general has been popular for years. It is very convenient, especially if there is not a store or product near your area.

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5 Questions You Should Be Asking When Buying “Natural” Labelled Foods


It can be confusing to decipher between synthetic chemicals and natural food ingredients when shopping for quality, healthy foods. We see food items labeled “Natural”, “All Natural”, “Nature’s Way”, etc., but what do these labels actually mean?

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Meet the Bloggers


Our blog does not have one writer; we love to share the many different voices of our employees. We are so proud of our employees for stepping up and sharing their perspectives on food, science, agriculture and family. Read on to meet our bloggers and see their past posts.

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Farmer’s market seasonal eating challenge: Spring


We are just starting to see the first signs of spring in Indianapolis. The crocus and jonquils have bloomed, but it is way too early for many fresh grown crops to show up at the local farmer’s market. We are lucky to have a winter’s farmer’s market that has a good selection of cool-season and greenhouse grown crops. So, on a dare, my family and I set out to see if we could find our entire meal from the Saturday market.

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What does “cage-free” mean? Here’s how to pick the right eggs for you:


Cage Free. Organic. Free-range. Hand-gathered. All-natural. Antibiotic-free. Hormone-free. No hormones added. Vegetarian-fed. Pasteurized. Grade AA. Jumbo. So many labels for eggs! But, what do they mean?

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Three Questions to Ask at a Farmer’s Market


Going to the local farmer’s market is a fun adventure for the entire family. I can remember going to the local market with my mom and grandma at various canning times throughout the year to buy peaches, cherries and other produce.

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Need Ways to Stop Wasting Fresh Veggies?


Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! The sounds fill the barn. I just got done feeding half a bunch of slimy cilantro, lettuce and parsley to some of our rabbits. These were the leftovers or forgotten pieces from what I bought at the grocery store. I try to limit the food I waste, but instead, the rabbits are feasting more on the extra veggies from my refrigerator drawers. So, what can us busy moms do to get the most from the food we buy?

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