Sugar, Sugar

Sugar is definitely a hot topic these days. In fact, sugar makes up 13 percent of the caloric intake of Americans (which is more than saturated fat). Being in-the-know about the different types of sugars and its impact on health is an important step in making the best food choices you can, so we did some background work for you.

Here are some common types of sugar:

Glucose: (Dextrose, grape sugar or corn sugar) Somewhat less sweet than cane sugar and soluble in hot or cold water. Found in sweet fruits such as grapes, berries, and oranges and in some vegetables such as sweet corn and carrots. It is prepared commercially as corn syrup.

Fructose: (Fruit sugar) Highly soluble. Much sweeter than cane sugar and is found in honey, ripe fruits and some vegetables. sugar1354787_1920

Sucrose: The table sugar with which we are familiar. Found in cane or beet sugar, brown sugar, molasses and maple sugar. Many fruits and some vegetables contain small amounts of sucrose.

Lactose: (Milk sugar). Produced by mammals and the only carbohydrate of significance of animal origin in the diet. About 1/6 as sweet as sucrose and dissolves poorly in cold water.

Here are some helpful places to find more info on the different types of sugar we eat:

There is new information coming about sugar all the time. In fact, the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans cut down the recommended amount of sugar we should consume each day. Knowing the facts is a good first step in working to align your family’s sugar intake with what’s recommended.

Portions of this post were contributed to by Biswajit Borah. You can find out more about Biswajit by reading this blog.