Go on, share that post

I am an enthusiastic participant in the cult of foodie posting. If you check out my social feeds, you’ll see all manner of food and drink photos, whether from favorite restaurants or right out of my own kitchen. And while I am always eager to share my food adventures, I have been reluctant to post about the synergy between food and science. Even though the science of what is on my plate has been well-documented, tested and deemed safe, I hesitate to click that ‘share’ button.SoupandSandwich

Why do you suppose that is? I’ll tell you: good old fashioned fear of rejection. Isn’t it interesting that you can get 100 ‘likes’ for a photo of your beautiful family one day and only two the next (if you’re lucky) for a post some of your followers find inflammatory?

What changed for me you wonder? Consider this statistic: we have to feed 9.8 billion people on this planet by 2050 with no more land or water than we have today. That’s 9.8 billion with a ‘b’, folks, in just under 34 years. There is only one viable way for us to make that happen: science.

Now, I don’t fault my friends who vehemently shake their heads in protest, select the sad emoji or simply scroll right on past, hoping I’ll return to posts of food and family. We live busy lives and take headlines at face value, especially if it’s a favorite celebrity; someone who seems credible, knowledgeable, and, above all, passionate and likeable.

How did I find the courage to begin posting and educating? I’m so glad you asked, because I have a few tips that just might help you be brave the next time you want to post something outside your comfort zone.

  1. Get the 411. Be informed about your topic and go beyond the latest headline. Don’t just fact check…triple fact check.
  2. Teach, don’t preach. Be supportive and willing to repeat your truth, again and again, patiently and compassionately.
  3. Be genuinely curious about why your loved ones oppose your position; open a meaningful dialogue.
  4. When all else fails, confidently stand on the evidence of your position and respectfully agree to disagree.
  5. Above all, keep posting.

I love that my job depends on agriculture and I believe that each part of the business from organic to GMO has a vital role to play in finding the solutions we need to get to that 9.8 billion number. So, get curious about your food, learn about its origins, don’t be afraid to consider the science and by all means, share it. 

Maynard2014PhotoCompressedIIAmber Maynard is a longtime fan of food and beverages. When she’s not trying new restaurants or enjoying the spoils of her own chef-run kitchen, Amber supports Dow AgroSciences’ North American Customer Service Team.