Dow AgroSciences Range & Pasture Specialists

What makes great products great is the support of exceptional people behind them. The Dow AgroSciences Range & Pasture team includes dedicated sales specialists, field scientists and market development specialists, along with the backing of a team of regulatory specialists, environmental experts and technical authorities. These experts work together to provide ranchers with peace of mind, knowing their herbicide program is in good hands and allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

For more information about our Range and Pasture solutions and services, contact your local Dow AgroSciences Range & Pasture specialist listed below by using the territory map as a reference. Find your area of the country and send a message to the corresponding R&P Specialist.


Territory Name City / State Phone
1 Rob LaGrange  Vancouver, WA 317-914-3290
2 Beau Miller  Sacramento, CA 916-296-2811
3 Trent Brusseau   Caldwell, ID 208-318-8877
4 Claire Volk  Greeley, CO 972-439-7666
5 Vince Aguiar Tempe, AZ 602-309-0279
6 Greg Alpers  Roswell, NM 575-626-7438
7 Karissa Floerchinger  West Fargo, ND 406-788-4044
8 Abe Smith  Kearney, NE 308-222-0071
9 Jamie Baumgardner  Andover, KS 712-299-2583
10 Jodie Stockett  Claude, TX 806-679-5166
11 Charlcey Plummer Stillwater, OK 361-945-6479
12 Ronald Courtney  Bartlesville, OK 918-766-1038
13 Katie Verett  Idalou, TX 806-392-6048
14 Jordan Symon Weatherford, TX 832-840-1369
15 Ethan Westfall  Malone, TX 979-480-4844
16 Dillon DeMuth Lorena, TX 580-318-9261
17 Benny Martinez  Bishop, TX 361-522-0390
18 Rob Brooks  China, TX 409-504-0429
19 Elyssa Trejo  St. Peter, MN 541-224-4632
20 Brant Mettler Sarcoxie, MO 940-641-0274
21 Blake Williams Memphis, TN 912-314-9508
22 Daniel Mielke Montgomery, TX 281-772-5520
23 Stacie Songer  Noblesville, IN 920-213-8482
24 Jeff Clark Asbury, WV 615-295-9620
25 Jacee May Prattville, AL 405-439-9570
26 Brandon Dunlap  Carlisle, PA 717-448-7101
27 Clay Williams  Greenville, SC 678-739-8680
28 Daniel Leckie St. Petersburg, FL 843-513-3914
29 Chris Steppig San Luis Obispo, CA 559-368-3281