We offer a full line of products and well-researched treatment programs designed to suit nearly any rangeland or pasture management situation.

Whether your land management goals call for a broad-spectrum or tightly targeted herbicide, the convenience of a pre-mix or the flexibility of a tank mix, a wide variety of spot or broadcast application techniques, the Range & Pasture portfolio from Dow AgroSciences gives you the right product for the job. Just as important, each of our products comes with the unmatched expertise and support of our dedicated Range & Pasture Specialists.

For help selecting the best product for your individual situation, you can view separate product pages, visit our weed and brush ID section or contact your local Dow AgroSciences Range & Pasture Specialist.

Targeted land-management solutions. Some areas, such as habitat restoration, noxious and invasive weed control and riparian zones, require a more-targeted approach. We offer well-researched products and treatment programs specifically designed for these sites. Refer to the bottom of this section for information about Milestone® herbicide.