Graslan® L herbicide

Label | SDS
Graslan® L provides good general weed control with residual properties at a good value per acre. It has broad use rates and has the flexibility to be a good early season option as well as provide brush suppression.


  • No grazing restrictions for any livestock
  • A higher load formulation of Grazon® P+D
  • Offers better residual than 2,4-D or dicamba alone, but not as robust as GrazonNext® HL
  • Good general weed control option
  • Good early season option
  • Safe to established forage grasses


  • Conservation Reserve Program
  • Rangeland
  • Permanent grass pastures
  • Forest sites
  • Conifer plantations
  • Non-crop areas
  • Natural areas (open spaces)

Treatment Methods

  • Aerial broadcast
  • Ground broadcast