Milestone® herbicide

Label | SDS
Milestone® herbicide is the most flexible herbicide available in the vegetation management industry.


  • Provides superior control of many noxious and invasive weed species, including biennial and perennial thistles, knapweeds and yellow starthistle
  • Goes easy on desirable species, including most forage grasses and many deciduous trees, forbs and other plants
  • Helps restore diversity in areas overrun by many noxious and invasive weeds without posing a long-term threat to many of the plants that help comprise that diversity
  • Ideal for sites or land-use situations where a more targeted control spectrum may be desired, such as Conservation Reserve Program acres or for habitat restoration or management
  • Controls many annual, biennial and perennial weeds at low use rates (4 to 7 ounces per acre)
  • Excellent postemergence and season-long residual control
  • Nonvolatile, non-2,4-D formulation
  • Systemic and residual activity effectively controls weeds at multiple growth stages
  • No grazing restrictions for any type of livestock or wildlife, including lactating dairy animals, beef cattle, sheep, goats and horses†
  • Is not a federally restricted use pesticide1


  • Conservation Reserve Program
  • Grass, Baylage
  • Grass, For Silage
  • Grass, Forage, Fodder, and/or Hay
  • Grass, Green Chop
  • Grass, Haylage
  • Nonplanted/Noncrop Areas
  • Pasture
  • Pasture, Grass
  • Rangeland
  • Wildlife Habitats
  • Wildlife Openings

Treatment Methods

  • Aerial broadcast
  • Ground broadcast
  • Spot