Spike® 20P herbicide

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Spike® 20P herbicide provides premium, long-term control of the toughest brush species.


  • Works from the roots up to control brush
  • Premium long-lasting control of the toughest brush species
  • Controls big sage, shinnery and other oaks, tarbush and creosote bush
  • Ideal for sagebrush thinning and brush sculpting programs
  • Enhances grazing and wildlife habitat
  • Use on rangeland, pastures, clearings for wildlife and other noncropland areas
  • Apply any time the soil is not frozen or saturated with moisture


  • Conservation Reserve Program
  • Fencerows
  • Grass, Baylage
  • Grass, Forage, Fodder, and/or Hay
  • Grass, Green Chop
  • Grass, Haylage
  • Nonplanted/Noncrop Areas
  • Pasture
  • Pasture, Grass
  • Rangeland
  • Wildlife Habitats
  • Wildlife Openings

Treatment Methods

  • Aerial broadcast
  • Ground broadcast