New REDs Information

In order to comply with Phase II of the U.S. EPA’s Reregistration Eligibility Decisions (REDs), there are a number of issues that growers must plan for before applying a soil fumigant. Below are main topic areas:

Buffer Zones and Credits
  • Pesticide product labels will carry tables to determine buffer distances.
  • Applicators can receive credits for using practices that reduce emissions, such as using high-barrier tarps.
  • Applying credits will reduce the size of buffer zones.
Buffer Zone Posting Requirements
  • Signs must be posted no sooner than 24 hours prior to the start of the application and remain posted until the buffer zone period has expired.
  • Signs must be removed within three days after the end of the buffer zone period.
Fumigant Management Plans (FMPs)
  • Requirements include a map, aerial photo or detailed sketch showing specific items:
    • information related to buffer zones
    • buffer zone posting
    • emergency preparedness and response measures
Emergency Prep and Response Measures
  • The new labels require applicators take site-specific measures to protect bystanders when the buffer zone is greater than 25 feet or buffer zones overlap, and there are residences or businesses within a certain distance of the buffer zone.
  • These measures do not apply when the buffer zone is up to 25 feet and does not overlap with another buffer zone, or when there are no residences or businesses within the specified distances of the buffer zone.
Applicator Training
  • Certified applicators supervising applications must meet label requirements for EPA-provided training, either Web-based or in-person.
  • Dow AgroSciences offers this EPA-approved training program at

To help producers be in compliance, fumigant registrants, including Dow AgroSciences, have developed a program to provide online training and testing for certified fumigant applicators using chloropicrin and 1,3-dichloropropene mixes, Further training information for soil fumigants can be found on the US. EPA website.