Curfew® Soil Fumigant

Curfew® soil fumigant is a highly effective product for the management of turf-destroying nematodes on golf courses in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.


  • Active by contact exposure
  • For use on golf course greens, fairways, roughs and tees; as well as athletic fields
  • Aids in healthy root development
  • Enhanced roots = improved drought and stress tolerance
  • Applied only by licensed, certified pesticide applicators

Pests Controlled

  • Sting nematode
  • Spiral nematode
  • Root-knot nematode
  • Ring nematode
  • Cyst nematode

See label for complete listing of pests controlled.

Curfew Authorized Applicators

Curfew Authorized Applicators Phone
Southern Soils Turf Management Inc. 407-328-9359                  
TriEst Ag Group Inc. - N. Palmetto, FL 863-528-1216