Sales Rep Finder

For more information about our Turf & Ornamental solutions and services, contact your local Dow AgroSciences specialist listed below using the territory map as a reference. Find your area of the country and send a message to the corresponding specialist.


Territory Name City State/Province Phone
1 Frank Santiago  Vancouver WA 520-576-2416
2 Rick Miller  Folsom CA 916-212-8598
3 Gil del Rosario  Tustin CA 949-878-7371
4 Vince Aguiar  Tempe AZ 480-897-0923
5 Roman Dycus  Honolulu HI 808-779-7025
6 Raymond Miller  Ft. Worth TX 813-363-9059
7 Colleen Derksen  St. Louis MO 317-691-6982
8 Beth Duschack  Madison WI 608-216-5066
9 Greg Fletcher  Indianapolis IN 317-387-0986
10 Yusif Jaouni  Sagamore Hills OH 636-751-4256
11 Jordan Symon  Atlanta GA 832-840-1369
12 Austin Marsteller  Middletown CT 610-295-2809
13 Tara Beauregard  Upper Paxton PA 317-654-7981
14 Ryan Smith  MD 229-531-9527
15 Phil Bruner  Charleston SC 804-248-9670
16 Chester VandenBerg  Ruskin FL 269-290-6622

Global Contact

You can contact us at our global headquarters by e-mail, or by using the address and phone number below:

Global Headquarters Dow AgroSciences LLC
9330 Zionsville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268