Put an End to Early Season Pest Damage

Monday, January, 30, 2017 9:00 AM EST

INDIANAPOLIS — Recent university studies confirm that Delegate® WG insecticide delivers unmatched control of codling moth and other pests in apple orchards.

Researchers at Cornell University found zero fruit damage caused by codling moth, oriental fruit moth or lesser appleworm in an early August evaluation of apples treated with Delegate. None of the other insecticides tested escaped fruit damage. 

In the study, Delegate, at a rate of 6.5 oz./A, was applied at petal fall and at 14-day intervals beginning June 2 and continuing until Aug. 12.

At harvest, a scant 0.7 percent of the apples treated with Delegate had sustained damage from codling moth and other pests, according to the 2015 Cornell University study. In comparison, 21.7 percent of apples in the untreated check were damaged.

Delegate contains spinetoram, an innovative active ingredient that delivers fast knockdown of a broad spectrum of destructive insects. Delegate® WG insecticide offers a mode of action found nowhere else in the market, resulting in fast pest knockdown and lasting control of destructive pests with minimum impact on beneficial insects and a short four-hour re-entry interval.

Treating orchards with Delegate early in the season effectively controls insects and various worms through translaminar contact and ingestion activity. Delegate is the perfect Integrated Pest Management partner for pome and stone fruit producers, while also providing maximum management flexibility.

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