Granite® GR Herbicide

Granite® GR herbicide is a post-flood, postemergence herbicide for control of grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in California rice.
  • Granular formulation allows “in-the-water” applications
  • Excellent control of watergrass and broadleaves, such as California arrowhead, ducksalad and Monochoria
  • Wide window of application — from 2 ½-leaf rice to 3 ½-leaf rice
  • No water hold
  • Good rice tolerance
  • Fits well in sequential programs with clomazone or thiobencarb
  • Rice, Water-seeded
  • Weeds
    • Arrowhead, California (Sagittaria montevidensis)
    • Arrowhead, Gregg's (Sagittaria longiloba)
    • Barnyardgrass/Watergrass (Echinochloa crus-galli)
    • Bulrush, Ricefield/Roughseed (Scirpus mucronatus)
    • Ducksalad (Heteranthera spp)
    • Monochoria (Monochoria spp.)
    • Redstem (Ammannia auriculata)
    • Rice, Mimic (Echinochloa spp.)
    • Sedge, Smallflower Umbrella (Cyperus difformis)
    • Watergrass, Early (Echinochloa oryzoides)
    • Watergrass, Late (Echinochloa phyllopogon)
    • Waterplantain, Common (Alisma plantago-aquatica)
    State Registrations
    Available in State
    • California