Loyant Herbicide

Loyant™ is the newest addition to the Dow AgroSciences rice herbicide portfolio which received registration in 2017. Loyant herbicide with Rinskor™ active provides unmatched broadleaf, grass, sedge and aquatic weed control in rice. For growers with herbicide resistance, Loyant is a new tool to control anxiety-causing resistant weeds


Loyant™ herbicide provides rice growers the following benefits: 

  • Broadest spectrum of control in one herbicide solution
  • Alternate mode of action will be a new resistance management tool
  • Fits in CLEARFIELD® and conventional rice systems
  • Flexible application timing and tank-mix options
  • Rice
  • Rice, Dry-seeded
  • Rice, Water-seeded
  • Weeds
    • Alligatorweed (Alternanthera philoxeroides)
    • Amaranth, Palmer (Amaranthus palmeri)
    • Ammannia, Purple (Ammannia coccinea)
    • Arrowhead, Annual (Sagittaria spp.)
    • Barnyardgrass/Watergrass (Echinochloa crus-galli)
    • Dayflower, Spreading (Commelina diffusa)
    • Ducksalad (Heteranthera limosa)
    • Eclipta (Eclipta prostrata (E. alba))
    • Flatsedge, Rice/Umbrellaplant, Annual (Cyperus iria)
    • Jointvetch, Indian (Aeschynomene indica)
    • Jointvetch, Northern (Aeschynomene virginica)
    • Junglerice (Echinochloa colona)
    • Morningglory, Pitted/Small White (Ipomoea lacunosa)
    • Nutsedge, Purple (Cyperus rotundus)
    • Nutsedge, Yellow (Cyperus esculentus)
    • Pigweed, Redroot (Amaranthus retroflexus)
    • Plantain, Mud (Heteranthera reniformis)
    • Ragweed, Common/Short (Ambrosia artemisiifolia)
    • Redstem (Ammannia coccinea)
    • Redweed (Melochia corchorifolia)
    • Sedge (various)
    • Sedge, Smallflower Umbrella (Cyperus difformis)
    • Signalgrass, Broadleaf (Urochloa platyphylla)
    • Weeds, Broadleaf (various)
    State Registrations
    Available in State
    • Arkansas
    • Iowa
    • Louisiana
    • Missouri
    • Mississippi
    • Tennessee
    • Texas