PowerFlex® HL Herbicide

Tough-to-control grass weeds like downy brome and cheat can quickly outcompete winter wheat stands. Get the formulation designed to protect them: PowerFlex® HL herbicide from Dow AgroSciences. This high-load formulation delivers the same powerful cross-spectrum control as PowerFlex herbicide against stubborn grass and broadleaf weeds, with excellent crop safety. And you get more rotational flexibility than with most winter wheat herbicides.
  • Standard use rate of PowerFlex HL is 2 oz./A, as opposed to PowerFlex, which was 3.5 oz./A
  • Controls the toughest grass weeds in winter wheat, including downy brome (fall applications for control, spring applications for suppression), true cheat, wild oats and ALS-susceptible Italian ryegrass
  • Control of mustard species, such as field pennycress, flixweed, tansymustard, shepherdspurse, Jim Hill (tumble) mustard and blue mustard
  • Additional control of important broadleaf weeds, including Russian thistle, pigweed, cleavers and chickweed
  • Powerful weed control priced for the needs of winter wheat producers
  • Rotation flexibility of five months to soybeans and nine months to barley, canola and other crops for the next growing season in many geographies (crop rotation intervals may vary by geography — see product label for specific crop rotation intervals in Idaho, Oregon and Washington)
  • Combines excellent crop safety with a wide application window for maximum flexibility in managing time and resources
  • Tank-mix-compatible with a wide range of insecticides, fungicides and broadleaf herbicides, including 2,4-D ester and MCPA ester
  • Triticale
  • Wheat, Winter
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