Telone® EC Soil Fumigant

Telone® EC soil fumigant is an emulsifiable version of Telone® II soil fumigant for control of all major species of nematodes. Special emulsifiers in the formulation allow Telone EC to mix with water and be applied through drip irrigation lines. The fumigant moves through the soil in the applied water, reaching the soil particles where nematodes live, and leaves a zone of protection to allow plants to get off to a fast, healthy start.

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  • Labeled for use on most crops that utilize drip irrigation
  • Superior efficacy on nematodes
  • Consistent yields and quality
  • Ease of application – injects in the drip tape
  • Increased worker safety due to minimal workers in the field at application
  • Knockdown of first crop along with a herbicide program
  • Field Crops
  • Fruit, All Types
  • Melon (All Types)
  • Nursery Crops
  • Nuts (All Types)
  • Vegetables
  • Insects, Mites, Nematodes
    • Nematode (Nematoda)
    • Nematode, Burrowing (Radopholus spp.)
    • Nematode, Carrot Cyst (Heterodera carotae)
    • Nematode, Citrus (Tylenchulus spp.)
    • Nematode, Cyst (Heterodera spp.)
    • Nematode, Dagger (Xiphinema spp.)
    • Nematode, Golden Cyst Former (Heterodera rostochiensis)
    • Nematode, Lance (Hoplolaimus spp.)
    • Nematode, Needle (Longidorus spp.)
    • Nematode, Pin (Paratylenchus spp.)
    • Nematode, Reniform (Rotylenchulus spp.)
    • Nematode, Ring (various)
    • Nematode, Root-knot (Meloidogyne spp.)
    • Nematode, Root Lesion/Meadow (Pratylenchus spp.)
    • Nematode, Soybean Cyst Former (Heterodera glycines)
    • Nematode, Spiral (various)
    • Nematode, Sting (Belonolaimus spp.)
    • Nematode, Stubby-root (various)
    • Nematode, Sugarbeet Cyst (Heterodera schachtii)
    • Nematode, Wheat Cyst (Heterodera latipons)
    State Registrations
    Available in State
    • Alabama
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Connecticut
    • Delaware
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Hawaii
    • Indiana
    • Louisiana
    • Maryland
    • Michigan
    • Missouri
    • North Carolina
    • New Jersey
    • New Mexico
    • South Carolina
    • Texas
    • Virginia