December 2014

On A Mission To Seek And Destroy

Dr. James Leary isn’t your typical herbicide applicator. Yet the lessons he has learned and the innovative techniques he has developed working in the mountains and rainforests of Maui just might be applicable in more traditional vegetation management environments.

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Understanding The Differences Between Volatility And Spray Drift

Besides applicator error, there are two main causes of off-target damage: volatility and spray drift. Understanding the differences between the two is essential to minimize their effects.

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VM Views: Research Supports Aquatic Label Addition For Milestone® And Capstone®

Vegetation managers would like to be able to control weeds in sensitive aquatic sites by using the effective control that Milestone® and Capstone® specialty herbicides provide. That may be possible soon.

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Invasive Watch: Wild Parsnip (Pastinaca Sativa)

Wild parsnip, acts as a biennial weed, and inhabits roadsides, pastures, field edges or natural areas.

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