January 2016


Use dormant-stem applications to keep spray crews busy during the winter months

The arrival of winter weather doesn’t mean herbicide application crews need to shut down for the season. Unwanted trees and brush don’t take an off-season, even though there is a tendency for crews to slow or shut down when vegetation goes dormant.

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Consider chemical side trim applications

An alternative to mechanical cutting is the use of herbicides to effectively “prune back” only treated tree limbs while not controlling the whole tree — keeping trees alive, healthy and more aesthetically pleasing, while removing only the problem area of the vegetation.

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Milestone® improves brush control results

Years of operational experience has shown that adding Milestone® specialty herbicide as a tank-mix partner will help achieve the consistent, long-term results vegetation managers are looking for.

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Browse the new online weed ID guide

Correctly identifying a weed species is the first step in effectively treating it. For help, check out the updated weed identification section of the new VegetationMgmt.com.

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Ask a pro!

Send in a photo of your trouble vegetation, and an expert from Dow AgroSciences will help identify it and offer treatment recommendations. We will highlight one submission per issue.

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