January 2016


Browse the new online weed ID guide

Correctly identifying a weed species is the first step in effectively treating it. And with so many species out there appearing on rights-of-way and roadsides, it’s a daunting challenge for vegetation managers to always know what they are dealing with, much less find solutions for control. For help, check out the updated weed identification section of the new VegetationMgmt.com. There, you’ll find a lot of information to help identify and treat the most troublesome broadleaf weeds, grasses, vines and woody species.

Weed_250In all, 68 species of broadleaf weeds, grasses, vines and woody plant species that are commonly found on rights-of-way, roadsides, forestry sites and railroads are covered. Information includes several images of each species and vital statistics about the plant itself, including leaves, fruit and flowering characteristics. Finally, specific herbicide treatment options are given with exact rates and timing recommendations. There are also links to other available online resources.

If you can’t find the species that’s giving you headaches listed on the site, simply submit a photo of your trouble vegetation, and an expert from Dow AgroSciences will help identify it and offer treatment recommendations.