January 2018


Switch it up: rotating bareground mixes helps fight weed resistance

The agriculture industry has waged a well-documented war against weed resistance for years. That fight has come to the VM industry as well, and spurred the development of innovative new technology to regain the upper hand against weeds.

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Cleantraxx® keeps the tracks clean for RWC Inc.

While the railroad business has certainly evolved since RWC was founded in 1961, the company’s success stems in part from its ability to change and adapt right along with it. This includes what herbicides are used for total vegetation control on tracks it manages.

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Transporting the lifeblood of California’s Central Valley

What’s known as the Central Valley in California is the most important agricultural region in the state and one of the most productive in the world. And none of it is possible without weed-free irrigation canals.

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Invasive Watch focuses on marestail

Marestail, also commonly known as horseweed, coltstail, Canadian fleabane and several others, is an invasive winter or summer annual found throughout the U.S. Learn more about properly identifying and then eradicating this tough, and in many cases, resistant, weed.

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Vistas® wants to hear from you!

Are you or a colleague looking to sign up to receive Vistas® online, or maybe submit some feedback on a recent issue? Well, you can do that and more in one convenient place.

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