July 2013

Weeds Meet Their Match Along South Carolina’s Roadsides

South Carolina operates the nation’s fourth-largest state-maintained highway system. For the South Carolina Department of Transportation, miles, climate and diverse topography all translate into a road maintanance challenge.

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Partnership Cultivates Habitat for Endangered Species

A record breeding year has given new hope for an endangered subspecies of least tern on the shores of San Francisco Bay, thanks in large part to help from local vegetation management experts, including Dow AgroSciences and the California Department of Transportation.

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Just the Facts: Water Quality's Impact on Herbicide Performance

Herbicide applicators are trained to know the influence that certain factors can have of the effectiveness of he application. One factor that is often overlooked is water quality.

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Invasive Watch: Absinth Wormwood

Absinth wormwood is a herbaceous perennial that is capable of growing up to 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide. It is highly invasive and can be found in pastures, prairies, fields and many other places. We share some tips for how to control it in this issue’s Invasive Watch.

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