July 2016


A battle on Midway Atoll

More than 70 years after the famous naval battle fought off its shores, the Midway Islands are the site of a much different battle — one to restore habitat in order to save millions of threatened and endangered seabirds and other important wildlife species from an unwelcome and aggressive intruder.

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A new solution for total vegetation control: Cleantraxx™ herbicide

The Dow AgroSciences Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) business is excited to announce Cleantraxx™ herbicide.

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VM Views: Making pollinator habitat a priority

You’ve likely heard about the decline in worldwide pollinator habitat and the many initiatives taking place around its restoration and preservation. But perhaps you’re wondering why this is considered such a serious and mounting issue.

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Invasive Watch: Common tansy
(Tanacetum vulgare)

Common tansy, also known as garden tansy and golden buttons, is a perennial, herbaceous flowering plant in the aster family. See how to treat this species to achieve maximum control.

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Ask a pro!

Send in a photo of your trouble vegetation, and an expert from Dow AgroSciences will help identify it and offer treatment recommendations. 

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