July 2016


A new solution for total vegetation control: Cleantraxx™ herbicide

Maintaining bareground in areas like utility substations or in a narrow strip along roadsides is not an easy task. But now vegetation managers can reach for a new solution that will give them the long-lasting residual control needed to keep those types of areas free from vegetation. The Dow AgroSciences Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) business is excited to announce Cleantraxx™ herbicide.

Cleantraxx_logo“Cleantraxx fills a gap in our IVM herbicide portfolio around a total vegetation control solution,” says Matt Armson, IVM product manager, Dow AgroSciences. “We continuously search for innovative solutions to bring to market, and Cleantraxx was ultimately discovered when our R&D team was screening our proprietary chemistry used in other markets to see if it might fit in our IVM portfolio.”

Under the trade name Pindar® GT herbicide, Cleantraxx (the exact same formulation as Pindar GT) is currently used for weed control in the California tree nut, fruit and vine market. It’s also used in forestry applications because it offers excellent conifer tolerance, including for Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, white fir, sugar pine and many other species. In early 2016, it received label approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in IVM, although it is not yet registered as Cleantraxx in California (Pindar GT is registered there).

Powerful residual control with two modes of action
Cleantraxx™ herbicide delivers pre- and early postemergence control of more than 65 grass and broadleaf weeds — including Russian thistle and glyphosate-resistant marestail and fleabane. After initial burndown, it provides up to five or six months of residual control at application rates of 3 to 4.5 pints per acre, making it a potent total vegetation control solution.

The superior weed control comes from two modes of action, which is important when implementing a weed resistance management program. The two active ingredients in Cleantraxx are penoxsulam (ALS inhibitor — Group 2) and oxyfluorfen (PPO inhibitor — Group 14).

Cleantraxx exhibits excellent tank-mix compatibility, and it may be tank-mixed with Milestone® or Opensight® specialty herbicide to control an even wider spectrum of weeds and brush.

“The ability of Cleantraxx to provide long-lasting, pre- and postemergence residual control over a wide spectrum of weeds in both total vegetation control and forestry applications makes it a versatile product,” Armson says. “We believe it will be a powerful new tool for vegetation managers.”

Vegetation managers who are interested should contact their Dow AgroSciences IVM specialist regarding access to and application of Cleantraxx. Cleantraxx™ herbicide carries a “Caution” signal word. Refer to the product label for application information, including rates, method of application, application timing and re-entry intervals. Specimen labels can be found at www.dowagro.com, www.agrian.com and www.cdms.net.