July 2017


Georgia Transmission cleans up substations with Cleantraxx™

Those responsible for utility substations must maintain a totally vegetation-free — or bareground — zone to prevent fire hazards, maintain access and ensure the transfer of electricity. A new solution is helping do just that.

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Keeping the traffic flowing in Sacramento County

California’s prime agricultural region in the Central Valley of Sacramento County, produces everything from grapes to corn. And it’s this rich agricultural region that produced a new tool, Cleantraxx™ herbicide, for roadside managers to use in controlling tough weeds.

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Add Milestone® specialty herbicide to improve control of difficult brush species

Using individual plant treatments such as basal cut-stump and basal bark treatments are designed to control unwanted woody plant species while minimizing impacts to nearby desirable species and reducing future maintenance costs.

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New industry study shows the cost benefits of using IVM practices

For years, using integrated vegetation management practices to manage rights-of-way has been considered an industry best practice. However, it’s surprising to learn how many vegetation managers have yet to adopt these principles.

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Invasive Watch: Knapweeds (spotted and Russian)

Learn how to properly identify and effectively treat both spotted and Russian knapweeds.

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Dow AgroSciences announces transition of Tordon® brand

In an effort to simplify its picloram offerings in the Industrial Vegetation Management market, Dow AgroSciences is transitioning out of the Tordon® K specialty herbicide and Tordon 101M specialty herbicide brands and replacing them with Tordon 22K and Graslan® L herbicides.

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Freelexx™ herbicide newest member of IVM portfolio

Dow AgroSciences has launched Freelexx™ herbicide, a groundbreaking 2,4-D choline formulation that delivers outstanding performance and reliability with remarkably lower odor and volatility.

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