July 2017


Add Milestone® specialty herbicide to improve control of difficult brush species

Using individual plant treatments such as basal cut-stump and basal bark treatments should be essential components to any integrated vegetation management program. These treatments are designed to control unwanted woody plant species while minimizing impacts to nearby desirable species and reducing future maintenance costs.

For many, Garlon® 4 Ultra specialty herbicide serves as the foundation herbicide used in basal cut-stump and basal bark treatments. But when treating problematic root-suckering species such as Ailanthus (tree of heaven), locust, red oak and sweetgum, field results have shown that adding Milestone® specialty herbicide provides improved control at very low use rates.

The following data, collected from test plots initiated in 2013 with results tabulated at least one year after treatment, shows the improved control received on several root-suckering species when adding Milestone to a mix of common basal cut-stump and basal bark treatments, and when compared with mechanically cutting alone.



Beyond improved control, Milestone provides other benefits when added to basal cut-stump and basal bark tank mixes:
  • Doesn’t harm existing native grasses
  • Desirable forbs and shrubs are more tolerant to Milestone
  • Reduced risk1 of damage to off-target tree species from root uptake compared with other tank-mix additives such as imazapyr or aminocyclopyrachlor

Proper mixing matters
When adding Milestone® specialty herbicide, ensure the basal oil is compatible since it’s a water-soluble herbicide. Make a stable tank mixture for basal bark application by first combining each product with a compatibility agent prior to final mixing in the desired ratio. Mix Milestone and Garlon 4 Ultra (if using a tank mix) thoroughly with basal oil; if the mixture stands for more than 30 minutes, re-agitation may be required. Do not store the final mixture.

Recommended rates of Milestone are between 1 and 3 percent when added to standard rates of Garlon 4 Ultra for basal cut-stump or basal bark treatments.

When using these mixtures, it’s important that the per-acre rate for Milestone is not exceeded. Use the rate chart below to determine maximum use rate of Milestone when adding it to a tank mix.

Using the correct rate of Milestone® specialty herbicide as a tank-mix additive for individual plant treatments on problematic brush yields improved control with selectivity to desirable plants and less chance for off-target damage compared with other tank-mix additives.