July 2017

Dow AgroSciences announces transition of Tordon® brand

In an effort to simplify its picloram offerings in the Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) market, Dow AgroSciences is transitioning out of the Tordon® K specialty herbicide and Tordon 101M specialty herbicide brands and replacing them with other existing brands. Tordon K is being replaced with Tordon 22K, and Tordon 101M is being replaced with Graslan® L herbicide.


“An important part of our strategy in 2017 is to simplify our portfolio of brands where there is duplication,” says Casey Onstot, U.S. marketing leader for the Dow AgroSciences IVM and Range & Pasture businesses. “As such, we decided to replace two IVM-specific picloram brands with two existing brands. We expect the transition to Tordon 22K and Graslan L to be complete by January 2018.”

The labeled use sites for Tordon® 22K specialty herbicide and Graslan L are the same as those of the current brands used on IVM sites. To prepare for a full transition in 2018, Dow AgroSciences is working to ensure that all state registrations are in order. Those wishing to make the transition to Tordon 22K and Graslan L may do so immediately as long as the newly revised labels are registered in your state.

Very limited volumes of Tordon K and Tordon 101M will be available while supplies last, and Dow AgroSciences will continue to service bulk volumes through Continuum® Prescription Control & Container Management System, also as supplies last.

“With that, we are encouraging users to begin the transition to Tordon 22K and Graslan L as soon as possible to help ensure a smooth changeover,” says Onstot.

Any questions regarding the transition should be directed to the appropriate Dow AgroSciences account manager or local sales representative.