July 2017

Freelexx herbicide newest member of IVM portfolio

Dow AgroSciences has launched Freelexx™ herbicide, a groundbreaking 2,4-D choline formulation that delivers outstanding performance and reliability with remarkably lower odor and volatility.

Freelexx “We continually look to provide new tools to our customers, which sometimes means simply improving on systems that have been in the market for decades,” says Matt Armson, U.S. product manager for the Dow AgroSciences IVM business. “Freelexx is exciting in that way, because we were able to take a base molecule that everyone has experience with, and through innovative formulation, create a new product that improves on the most frequently discussed downsides of 2,4-D: volatility and odor.”

Freelexx is a selective postemergence broadleaf weed herbicide offering nonresidual control of more than 100 broadleaf weeds and brush species. It has a unique formulation that provides lower volatility, which reduces risk when working around sensitive areas or susceptible crops. The novel 2,4-D choline technology also gives vegetation managers less to worry about with markedly lower odor during mixing and application.

It’s labeled for use on a broad range of use sites, including forests, grass pastures and rangeland; and Conservation Reserve Program, ornamental turfgrass (including turfgrass grown for sod or seed), and noncropland and aquatic areas as listed on the label. It also can be used for control of trees by injection.

“When our customers identify certain chemical attributes as being important, we make it a point to address them,” says Armson. “It’s why Freelexx was developed, and it’s how we’ll continue to do business in the future.”