June 2016


New summary report looks at plant and animal response to vegetation management practices on rights-of-way

Effectively managing utility rights-of-way is about more than just keeping trees away from power lines. It’s taking an approach to vegetation management that considers the long-term affect it will have on the rights-of-way and the wildlife that may inhabit it.

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Don’t overlook water quality’s impact on herbicide performance

Herbicide applicators are trained to know the influence that certain factors can have on the effectiveness of the application — things like application timing, equipment calibration and selection of the proper herbicide for the vegetation being treated. One factor often overlooked is water quality.

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New additions to Dow AgroSciences IVM team

Dow AgroSciences announces four additions to its Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) team: Casey Onstot has been named portfolio marketing leader; Matt Armson has been named product manager; Kianna Marzett has been named marketing communications manager; and Oracio Molina has been named sales specialist.

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Ask a pro!

Send in a photo of your trouble vegetation and an expert from Dow AgroSciences will help identify it and offer treatment recommendations. We will highlight one submission per issue.

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