March 2014

Partnership helps keep the lights on in the Tar Heel State

It’s said that many hands make the work light. This is especially true for EnergyUnited, an electric membership cooperative based in Statesville, N.C., which relies on just 175 employees to maintain power to customers spread out across 19 counties in North Carolina.

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Dormant-stem Treatments Can Extend the Application Season

Employing dormant-stem treatments can not only extend the application season but also keep good, productive crews working.

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People Make the Difference

Dow AgroSciences has undergone a realignment and expansion of our IVM sales force by combining our industrial vegetation management and range and pasture sales teams to serve customers across the country.

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Invasive Watch: Houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale)

Learn what to look for, where it’s found and how to treat houndstongue in this version of Invasive Watch.

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