May 2017


In California, producing timber comes with plenty of challenges

In the mid-1800s, thousands flocked to the mountains of western California when the discovery of gold in a lumber mill sparked the famous Gold Rush. And while this accidental discovery caused some loggers to drop their saw and pick up a pickax, it wasn’t long before timber was once again being felled.

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Vastlan™ helps keep railway freight moving

Rail moves more freight in the United States than any other mode of transportation, and the current U.S. freight rail network is considered one of the most dynamic in the world.

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Strong launch continues for Vastlan™ specialty herbicide and Cleantraxx™ herbicide

In 2016, Dow AgroSciences launched two new IVM herbicide formulations: Vastlan™ specialty herbicide and Cleantraxx™ herbicide.

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Celebrating a 30-year milestone

While staying power can certainly be difficult to achieve, for the past 30 years, the Vistas® newsletter has gone to print, bringing information and news to those in the Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) industry.

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Invasive Watch: Autumn and Russian olive (elaeagnus umbellate and e. angustifolia, respectively)

Autumn olive and Russian olive are non-native rapidly growing deciduous bushy shrubs or small trees, often reaching heights of 20 and 35 feet. They are challenging and expensive to eradicate and can interfere with tree regeneration.

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Subscribe, order copies or provide feedback — all in one place

Are you or a colleague looking to sign up to receive Vistas® online? Or maybe you want to submit some questions or feedback on a recent story you saw in the print version of Vistas? Well, you can do all that and more in one convenient place.

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Ask a pro!

Send in a photo of your trouble vegetation and an expert from Dow AgroSciences will help identify it and offer treatment recommendations.

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