May 2017


Celebrating a 30-year milestone

By: Matt Armson, IVM product manager, Dow AgroSciences

Armson While staying power can certainly be difficult to achieve, for the past 30 years, the Vistas® newsletter has gone to print, bringing information and news to those in the Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) industry. The newsletter’s beginnings stemmed from a desire to fill a void and produce a trade journal dedicated to featuring things relevant to the people working in this important industry.

And while that longevity might be somewhat remarkable, what’s also significant is the lasting commitment it demonstrates from Dow AgroSciences to this industry.

Beyond just producing Vistas, Dow AgroSciences has supported vegetation management professionals for more than 60 years with the research and development of new products and innovative uses, and through the building of a nationwide team of IVM specialists dedicated to providing a high level of service to its customers.


Different look, same commitment
While the look of the Vistas newsletter has changed over the years, its original purpose hasn’t. Vistas has featured pieces on a wide variety of vegetation management operations, from utility to roadside to forestry, all with the intention of bringing readers useful practices and recommendations from industry peers. And its pages have included everything from weed and brush recommendations to new product information to shining a spotlight on all manners of vegetation management partnerships and initiatives across the country.

Dow AgroSciences’ plan is to continue leading the industry with the research and development of the most innovative herbicides and through the sharing of ideas and advice through unique vehicles, such as Vistas.

Because we believe there’s a lot more to vegetation management than just chemistry. Thanks for your support of Vistas® and Dow AgroSciences.