October 2015


Milestone® specialty herbicide improves control in basal cut stump and basal bark applications

Individual plant treatments like basal cut stump and basal bark applications are many times integral components to a vegetation management program. These targeted types of treatments are designed to provide effective control of unwanted woody plant species, while minimizing impact to nearby desirable species, and also reducing future maintenance costs.

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Choose Your Backpack Sprayer Wisely: Then Maintain it for Maximum Effectiveness

One of the most common pieces of equipment used in individual plant treatments is the backpack sprayer. This versatile sprayer offers users several important benefits, says Pat Burch, field scientist with Dow AgroSciences.

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VM Views: Understand grazing restrictions and gain peace of mind.

Rights-of-way and roadsides pass through pastures grazed by livestock more commonly than one might think. Using herbicides not labeled for these sensitive areas can result in fines and angry landowners.

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Invasive Watch: Chinaberry (Melia azedarach)

Chinaberry, also called pride-of-India, umbrella-tree and Persian lilac, is a fast-growing tree that can grow up to 50 feet tall. Learn how to indentify and treat it.

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Dow AgroSciences IVM business adds two specialists

The Dow AgroSciences IVM business has added Jamie Baumgardner and Craig Davidson to its team of nationwide specialists dedicated to the vegetation management industry.

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Dow AgroSciences launches new IVM website

Dow AgroSciences has launched the new VegetationMgmt.com as an online resource for the vegetation management industry.

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Ask a Pro!

Send in a photo of your trouble vegetation and an expert from Dow AgroSciences will help identify it and offer treatment recommendations. We will highlight one submission per issue.

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