October 2015

Ask A Pro!

Do you have a weed species that is giving you headaches? Maybe you aren’t even sure what it is? What if you could get some free and helpful advice from an expert? Simply send in a photo of your trouble vegetation and an expert from Dow AgroSciences will help identify it and offer treatment recommendations.

Once your photo is submitted, a Dow AgroSciences IVM specialist will be assigned to the case. The specialist will identify or confirm the species, provide some important details about the plant, as well as offer some recommendations on how to control it. All this will appear in a future issue of the Vistas online newsletter.

Here’s your chance to lean on the experts! Email us your problem species. In your email, please make sure to point out the plant in question, and take a minute to tell us where it’s located. Also, please be certain the picture has a high enough resolution to clearly see the plant’s characteristics.