October 2015


Milestone® specialty herbicide improves control in basal cut stump and basal bark applications

Individual plant treatments like basal cut stump and basal bark applications are many times integral components to a vegetation management program. These targeted types of treatments are designed to provide effective control of unwanted woody plant species, while minimizing impact to nearby desirable species, and also reducing future maintenance costs.

basal_bark_app2For many vegetation managers, Garlon® 4 Ultra specialty herbicide has been the go-to herbicide used when making basal cut stump and basal bark treatments. But when treating problematic root-suckering species such as Ailanthus (tree of heaven), locust, red oak and sweetgum, new research data demonstrates that adding Milestone® specialty herbicide to the tank mix provides improved control of root-suckering species while also offering key additional benefits.

Native grasses and many desirable forbs and shrubs, which may exist adjacent to the treatment area, are tolerant of Milestone. This is important when working to establish or maintain native habitat conducive to wildlife and pollinators. Also, it offers reduced risk1 of damage to off-target tree species from root uptake, when compared with other tank-mix additives such as imazapyr.

 The following data, collected from test plots initiated in 2013 with results tabulated at least one year after treatment, shows the improved control received on several root-suckering species when adding Milestone to a mix of common basal cut stump and basal bark treatments and when compared to mechanically cutting alone.


The next chart shows the reduced number of resprouts after treating with the tank mix containing Milestone, against the same mix of common basal cut stump and basal bark treatments.  


Table1Recommended rates of Milestone® specialty herbicide are between 1 and 3 percent when added to standard rates of Garlon 4 Ultra for basal cut stump or basal bark treatments. Use the rate chart below to determine maximum use rate of Milestone when adding it to a tank mix.

When using these mixtures, it’s important that the per-acre rate for Milestone is not exceeded. When using a 3 percent rate of Milestone, the maximum end-use gallons that can be applied per acre is 3.65 gallons. At 2 percent, the maximum is 5.5 gallons, and at 1 percent it’s 10.9 gallons.

Using the correct rate of Milestone® specialty herbicide as a tank-mix additive for individual plant treatments on problematic brush yields improved control with selectivity to desirable plants and less chance for off-target damage compared with other tank-mix additives.