October 2016


Dow AgroSciences introduces Vastlan™ specialty herbicide

The Dow AgroSciences Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) business introduces Vastlan™ specialty herbicide, a new high-load triclopyr-choline formulation providing the vegetation management industry with an advanced foundation product for brush control.

“Vastlan offers multiple advantages over other triclopyr herbicides, especially generic formulations,” says Casey Onstot, IVM and Range & Pasture portfolio marketing leader, Dow AgroSciences. “The breakthrough high-load formulation allows for a signal word reduction from ‘Danger’ to ‘Warning,’ while also improving safety, reducing volatility and lowering odor.”

vastlanThe advanced carrier system in Vastlan allows for a higher load of active ingredient — 4 pounds acid equivalent per gallon versus 3 pounds acid equivalent per gallon for Garlon® 3A specialty herbicide and other comparable products. The considerable signal word reduction improves applicator safety and decreases proper protective equipment (PPE) requirements when handling it. Vastlan has a lower odor when mixing or applying it, as well as after application, which can reduce landowner concerns and complaints, especially when applying at high volumes near residential areas.

The higher loading of active ingredient in Vastlan also allows vegetation managers to treat more acres, while decreasing the volume of herbicide handled by 25 percent compared with similar formulations — ensuring greater efficiencies in shipping, handling, mixing and triple-rinsing of containers.

Vastlan™ specialty herbicide is available through Continuum® Prescription Control & Container Management System, which provides the additional benefits associated with closed system handling and custom blending with other herbicides and adjuvants.

Nearly unlimited flexibility to be the mainstay of any brush control program
Vastlan can be used on almost any use site to deliver superior control of tough woody species, including aquatic sites, and in a variety of application methods. It’s well-suited for foliar broadcast applications where it’s a total reclamation situation. It’s also an effective formulation for side-trimming applications and in individual plant treatments, including cut-surface and low-volume foliar applications.

For greater spectrum of control, Vastlan is tank-mix-compatible with numerous herbicides, including Milestone® and Opensight® specialty herbicides.

Besides flexibility in application types, Vastlan provides flexibility in areas where it can be applied.

“It has no limitations on noncrop sites, and it can be used on aquatic sites and range and pasture sites — including no grazing restrictions for any class of livestock,” Onstot says. “Furthermore, it has no soil activity or runoff concerns to affect adjacent desirable species, along with a high degree of selectivity to grasses. It also can be used on Conservation Reserve Program sites with quick plant-back intervals to help rapidly establish desirable species.”

For more information, contact your local Dow AgroSciences vegetation management specialist or the company’s many distributor partners.