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There’s a lot going on within the vegetation management industry, and Dow AgroSciences wants to help keep vegetation managers up to speed on the latest and greatest with informative resources. Industry newsletters like Vistas® and TechLine share success stories, present important research, brings the latest product news and application techniques, and keep you connected to the latest industry trends.

In addition, it’s important to interact with other industry professionals such as state, regional and national associations, universities and consultants. So we post a current calendar of industry events to help everyone find the resources applicable to them to become more knowledgeable about our industry.

News from Dow AgroSciences

Recently, the key findings of more than 60 years of research was summarized in a white paper called Plant and Animal Response to Long-Term Vegetation Management Practices on Rights-of-Way. The six-page summary report was released in late 2014.

Dow AgroSciences recently produced a valuable new publication on managing residual herbicide movement: Herbicide Carryover: A Guide to Responsible Residual Herbicide Management.

Resources from Dow AgroSciences

Vistas® Magazine
Business solutions for the VM professional
For more than 25 years, we’ve been creating and distributing our award-winning Vistas® publication to help keep you current on product news and industry issues. We discuss trends in the market, present research results, talk with industry experts and look at operational herbicide success stories from vegetation managers across the United States.

A resource for invasive plant managers
TechLine is a suite of print and online resources that provide invasive plant professionals access to innovative and proven science-based information. The purpose of TechLine is to support invasive plant management programs by connecting researchers with managers of federal, state, county and private lands so they may share the successes of their programs, techniques, and methods and learn from one another. Dow AgroSciences sponsors TechLine with the goal of providing an objective communication tool for on-the-ground natural resource managers who face common management challenges.