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Dow AgroSciences – Entrust® SC Naturalyte® Insect Control

Entrust® SC Naturalyte® Insect Control provides the performance organic growers have come to trust, but in a new liquid formulation.

Dow AgroSciences — Milestone® herbicide

Milestone ® herbicide is the most flexible herbicide available in the vegetation management industry. Benefits Provides superior control of many noxious and invasive weed species, including biennial and perennial thistles, knapweeds and yellow starthistle

Vastlan™ | Vegetation Management | Dow AgroSciences

An enhanced version of an industry mainstay, Vastlan™ specialty herbicide provides a solid foundation for your brush control program, and offers the flexibility to be utilized in a wide array of other applications. Exhibiting no residual soil activity, this essentially non-volatile product can be used in nearly any situation calling for grass-safe brush and broadleaf control.

Dow AgroSciences – Curtail® herbicide

Curtail® herbicide is a broad-spectrum broadleaf herbicide providing outstanding control of Canada thistle and other problem weeds in small grains.

Dow AgroSciences – Products and Treatments

High-volume Foliar. Best For: Controlling light to moderate brush stands (<150 plants per acre) Treating small trees, vines, bushes with canes or stems, such as multiflora rose, or low-growing shrubs like buckbrush; Stopping encroaching weeds and brush around pasture perimeters or scattered across grazing areas;

Dow AgroSciences – Intrepid® 2F Insecticide

Intrepid® 2F insecticide is an insect growth regulator offering effective control of many species of Lepidopteran insects, including citrus leafminer.

Dow AgroSciences — Resicore Herbicide

Resicore herbicide is expected to provide control of a broad spectrum of grass and broadleaf weeds, including many herbicide-resistant weeds. Resicore herbicide is intended to exceed industry standards with residual activity for weed control deep into the growing season.

Dow AgroSciences – Goal® 2XL Herbicide

Goal® 2XL herbicide provides long-lasting, pre- and postemergence activity on dozens of broadleaf weeds and grasses, making it ideal for residual herbicide programs in orchards and vineyards.

Careers | Dow AgroSciences

The unique culture at Dow AgroSciences has evolved naturally from our people and from the everyday practice of our core values.

About Dow AgroSciences | Dow AgroSciences

About Dow AgroSciences. We provide a variety of products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our research with strategic partners is bringing breakthrough and sustainable solutions to the industry such as:
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