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Tree Fruit, Nut & Vine Portfolio - Dow AgroSciences

Tree Fruit, Nut & Vine Portfolio Apples, almonds and grapes are central to a healthy lifestyle. Dow AgroSciences helps protects these and other tree fruit, nut and vine crops from insects, diseases and weeds through a versatile portfolio of products that combat pest pressure.

Dow AgroSciences – FirstRate® herbicide

FirstRate® herbicide provides effective, flexible and economical pre and postemergence control of the most troublesome broadleaf weeds in soybeans.

Products | Vegetation Management | Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences offers a full line of vegetation management products, along with the unmatched experience and support of our field sales staff.

Dow AgroSciences — Instinct® II nitrogen stabilizer

Instinct® II nitrogen stabilizer is used with UAN, urea or manure to optimize yield and profit potential of corn and wheat.

Dow AgroSciences — U.S. Agriculture

Welcome to the world of Dow AgroSciences where science is delivering solutions for the growing world. Search by crop, geography or product category to quickly find the right solution for your needs.

Dow AgroSciences – Dithane F-45® Rainshield® Fungicide

Dithane F-45® Rainshield® fungicide offers broad-spectrum activity and excellent rainfastness on more than 30 vegetable, fruit, field, vine and specialty crops.

Applications | Vegetation Management | Dow AgroSciences

Applications Applicators have a number of techniques available to them when applying herbicides. It’s important to first select the technique best suited to the vegetation and use site you intend to treat, as well as the herbicide(s) you intend to use.

Science Intern, Laboratory Based Research | Dow AgroSciences

This page provides a job description for the Science Intern, Laboratory Based Research summer internship.

Control Tough Weeds – Turflon Ester Ultra Herbicide

Turflon ® Ester Ultra specialty herbicide offers broad-spectrum postemergence control of early-emerging, hard-to-control weeds, such as ground ivy and wild violet.

IPM Compatible Insect Control – Conserve® SC

With a unique mode of action, Conserve® SC insect control is an excellent product for use in rotation programs designed to fight insecticide resistance.
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