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Dow AgroSciences – Goal® 2XL Herbicide

Goal® 2XL herbicide provides long-lasting, pre- and postemergence activity on dozens of broadleaf weeds and grasses, making it ideal for residual herbicide programs in orchards and vineyards.

People create solutions - People | Dow AgroSciences

People create solutions. Our 9,000 employees around the world are proud to be part of a healthy and sustainable food production system. We take seriously the trust that is placed in us to create solutions — for you and for the growing world.

Dow AgroSciences – Stinger® herbicide

Stinger ® herbicide provides superior control of Canada thistle in sugarbeets, corn and other crops. And, unlike other herbicides, it can significantly reduce thistle populations next season. And, unlike other herbicides, it can significantly reduce thistle populations next season.

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Vítejte na stránkách Dow AgroSciences Česká republika. Dow AgroSciences je přední světová společnost zabývající se vývojem a výrobou chemických přípravků určených pro zemědělství.

Pathway® | Vegetation Management | Dow AgroSciences

Pathway® specialty herbicide is a ready-to-use cut-surface herbicide that offers long-term control of most woody plants.

Dow AgroSciences – Cobalt® Advanced Insecticide

Cobalt ® Advanced insecticide is a new, high-performance insect management tool with multiple modes of action that delivers fast knockdown and excellent residual control of a broad spectrum of insects in an innovative low-odor formulation.

Dow AgroSciences — U.S. Agriculture

Welcome to the world of Dow AgroSciences where science is delivering solutions for the growing world. Search by crop, geography or product category to quickly find the right solution for your needs.



Postemergence Broadleaf Weed Control – LockUp Herbicide

LockUp ® specialty herbicide offers powerful postemergence broadleaf weed control in a convenient granular formulation. Effective at low use rates, LockUp controls the toughest weeds found in residential and commercial turf, including golf courses and sports fields.
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