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Dow AgroSciences Helping Canadian Farmers Feed the Growing World

Mehrrin is a poor Pakistani woman who lost everything during flooding in Pakistan. Cam Klapstein is a farmer in Leduc, Alberta who cares about the plight of people in need around the world. 

Mehrrin and Cam live in different countries, but one thing brings them together:  the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a partnership of 15 church groups and church-related aid agencies working to end hunger.

In 2009 alone, the FAO estimated that more than one billion people were going hungry every day. Through donated products including Frontline™ XL, Frontline™ 2,4-D, PrePass™ XC, Prestige™ XC, Vantage™ Plus Max II, and Maverick™ III herbicides Dow AgroSciences is protecting crops that raise funds to help people like Mehrrin meet their basic needs. Since 2001, Dow AgroSciences has donated crop protection products valued at almost $500,000 to help protect Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects.

Through these growing projects, local Canadian farmers plant crops on donated land. Once those crops grow and are harvested, the farmers then take the harvested crops to local grain companies and sell it. The proceeds are donated to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, which uses the proceeds to buy food and seed for those in need when disasters, such as floods and droughts, strike.

Founded in 1983, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank enables Canadians to share their resources to end global hunger. It does so by responding to food emergencies and disasters, by providing food aid, helping people produce food for themselves, and by increasing and deepening the involvement of Canadians in efforts to end hunger.

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