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The Dow Chemical Company recently announced that Omega-9 Oils is the Company's first Breakthrough to World Challenges in the area of health, a key milestone in achieving Dow's 2015 Sustainability Goals. Set in 2006, these Goals included a commitment to achieving at least three breakthroughs that will significant help solve world challenges in the areas of energy and climate change, water, food, housing and health.

Derived from Dow AgroSciences' NEXERA™ canola and sunflower seeds, Omega-9 Oils have zero trans fat and the lowest amount of saturated fat among commonly used cooking oils. Since 2005, the use of Omega-9 Oils has eliminated more than one billion pounds of trans and saturated fat from the North American diet.

In order to be designated as a Breakthrough to World Challenges, Omega-9 Oils passed a rigorous, transparent evaluation by Dow scientists and external stakeholders. Omega-9 Oils, like other candidates in Dow's R&D pipeline, were evaluated for positive impact on millions of human lives, as well as minimal environmental impact from development through manufacturing, distribution, use and end-life.