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High quality cotton seed and consistent high yields and high quality cotton year after year.
Geoff Toledo, Visalia, CA

Very high yielding varieties.
Antonio Banducci, Bakersfield, CA

Half of my fields, for the last 4 years have gone 4 bales.
Paul Betancourt, Kerman, CA

Great varieties, good yielding pima.
Henry Hinkle, Five Points, CA

I have grown only PhytoGen seed for years and been very happy.
Douglas Mederos, Tulare, CA

I have been using PhytoGen seeds for ten years and have been satisfied with the results.
Walt McDonald, Los Banos, CA

This year I planted PhytoGen 333. It was the highest yielding cotton to date for me at 1106 lbs. per acre. That's impressive for Jim Wells County. Thanks again PhytoGen!
Scott Hinze, Taft, TX

I planted PHY 333 WRF side by side next to a competitive variety, and PHY 333 WRF outperformed it from start to finish. PhytoGen has a more consistent stand, better growing vigor, and more pounds for a better price.
Casey Buckman, Lorenzo, TX

PhytoGen cotton varieties are the first out of the ground. Seedling vigor has never been an issue with the PhytoGen varieties that we have planted.
Jay Larson, Thatcher, AZ

I planted PhytoGen 333 on a limited water pivot and some dry land corners. The pivot yielded 1250 lbs. per acre and the corners 750lbs. I was very pleased with yield in both instances.
Dusty Hill, Idealou, TX

I've planted PHY 499 now for three years and have averaged over 3 bales per acre each season. Can't argue with that kind of consistency.
Bill Schmidt, El Campo, TX

Great seed and great reps!! I really like the innovation and team PhytoGen is bringing.
Tim Ballinger, Dumas, TX

Out-yielded FiberMax. Got the attention of my neighbors.
William Cleveland, Rotan, TX

PhytoGen 333 has shown to match or surpass yield of other varieties while bringing a premium grade higher than its competitors.
Scott Crigler, Waterproof, LA

First year to plant PhytoGen. It blew my other varieties away and this was a very hot and dry summer. Impressed with 444 yield and exceptional quality.
William Tucker, Vaiden, MS

We have a commercial gin where we not only gin cotton for ourselves but for other customers as well. Early in the season the grades were coming in with lots of high mic. Finally, the grades started getting better and every time I called a customer to find out what kind of cotton it was, it was always PhytoGen. PHY 444 WRF was the highest grading cotton we had come through the gin and the loan value was 58.1 cents per pound.
Brian Fyfe, Lyon, MS

PHY 444 picked the best yielding and quality cotton we have ever grown. It made 4 bales an acre and received a substantial premium when we sold it also. 444 looks like Acala cotton and we think it is the future of what cotton varieties should be.
Nick McMichen, Centre, AL

499 is a top notch variety.
Derek Dauzat, Marksville, LA

Even though I presently only grow a small amount of cotton I want it to be PhytoGen.
Bill Payne, Greenville, MS

It's one hell of a seed.
Cory Sayles, Pope, MS

Haven't picked yet but looks like PHY 312 WRF is another winner plants are loaded with big bolls top to bottom also PHY 333 WRF looks great same way.
Stephen Frost, Hickory Valley, TN

Planted Stoneville and PhytoGen 333 last year. 333 beat the sox off the Stoneville in the yield and grade department. Have not harvested all this year, but looks to be the same scenario again.
Jordan East, Friendship, TN

Looking forward to growing more in the future. PHY 444 WRF grades were far better than anything else we grew this year.
Brady Weishuhn, Vancourt, TX

This is the first year I planted PhytoGen 444 and it exceeded my expectations.
Ryan Machicek, Garden City, TX

I can always count on PhytoGen seed to come out of the ground running to a good start.
Matt Palmer, Thatcher, AR

I planted the PHY 333 WRF last year on dry land which yielded very good. This year I planted the 444 which yielded even better! PhytoGen is the way to go!
Shaun Little, Montrose, GA

I planted PHY 333 WRF behind wheat. I wanted something to grow fast and yield good and that's what I got with the 333. Am planning to use it again this year.
Marty Kinnett, McRae, GA

The PhytoGen 444 has really proven itself as an excellent variety with good quality and yield potential. It consistently outweighs its competitors.
Mike Faust, Dawson, GA

PHY 444 WRF out yielded all my other varieties by 40 lbs./A in side-by-side tests.
Jimmy Lee, Camilla, GA

We really like the new 444 variety, but 333 gives versatility to plant early or late and still make good yields.
Robbie Faust, Dawson, GA

Since it was introduced, PhytoGen 499 has consistently performed well on my Southeast Georgia farm, even though weather conditions have varied significantly from year to year.
Justin Franklin, Decatur, AL

Best cotton since 555.
Cheryl Pollock, Camilla, GA

PhytoGen varieties have been consistent yielders even under very extreme wet conditions this past year. The added bonus of different weed control options is very important to us.
Tim Garrett, Swainsboro, GA

PhytoGen is the best choice especially on dry land conditions because of the strong vigor it has a good yield and very easy to manage.
Michael Knowles, Milan, GA

This was my first year farming. My grandpa used to only plant PHY 333 WRF so when I started I knew what to use. It is a great product and grows great in my sandy fields
Chad Warren, Nashville, NC

We had too much rain but it still prevailed as usual PhytoGen cotton is almost bullet proof.
Brian Bosselman, Suffolk, VA

PhytoGen cotton has continued to deliver high yields year after year. Thank you!!
Jared Webb, Yale, VA

499 has always outperformed every other variety hands down.
Chris Drake, Newsoms, VA

We plant a variety of Deltapine and PhytoGen Cottonseed. By far, PhytoGen 499 has been the top yielded for the past 3 years on our farm. It doesn't really matter where we put it, it never fails to impress us.
Trevor Snyder, Capron, VA

PhytoGen 499 is our cotton of choice. It holds up well to stress. It has been not only a replacement for Deltapine 555, it has been an improvement.
Samuel Ward, Bishopville, SC

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