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Year in year out, PHY 725 RF is our work horse to make the year end well.
Travis Fugitt, Bakersfield, CA

PHY 805 RF was a strong performer. It picked cleaner than the competitive variety and also was easier to manage.
Justin Dutra, Hanford, CA

PhytoGen cottonseed works great in our area. It comes up easily and yields about a 1/4 bale per acre more than the competition.
George Ayerza, Tranquipty, CA

We like PhytoGen because of the vigor it shows coming out of the ground. With some of the cool springs we have experienced, stand establishment has become a top priority. We like PHY 830 variety for its early maturity. On many fields we only have had to pick one time, which is highly unusual for a pima field.
Aaron Barcellos, Los Banos, CA

PhytoGen varieties have outperformed all other varieties that I've tried in the past. They come out of the ground healthy and are easier to manage.
Doug Mederos, Tulare, CA

PhytoGen varieties are by far the best yielding and highest quapty we have ever grown. We plant 100% PhytoGen Acala and Pima on our farm and have done so for several years. We have made a great product for our customers and have made excellent returns using PhytoGen varieties. We couldn't be more satisfied.
Michael Cannon, Los Banos, CA

PHY 440 W performed quite well despite an extreme drought and being under limited irrigation.
Brad Crump, Plains, TX

My PHY 375 WRF and PHY 367 WRF came up fast and did well all year despite our severe drought.
Gary Debusk, Idalou, TX

I have been planting PhytoGen cottonseed since 2009 and I have been extremely pleased with the grades, yields and turnout.
David Hudnall, Rotan, TX

My PHY 375 WRF went through the extreme drought and heat this year. It outperformed all other varieties in stand establishment, emergence, boll load and maturing under dire circumstances.
Dwight Menefee, Lake Arthur, NM

The PhytoGen cottonseed came up good and stayed actively growing throughout the season, even with our historic drought. It yielded a little better than my fibermax and had a slightly higher loan value. I will plant more PHY 367 WRF next season.
Gene Chappell, Crosbyton, TX

2012 was a tough year in Texas, but PHY 367 WRF outyielded and had the highest loan value of any variety I planted.
Horace Tubb, Big Spring, TX

I planted PHY 367 WRF and PHY 499 WRF on fields that have nematode pressure and these two varieties performed well. They came out of the ground well, grew well and ended the year well under the pressure that was put on them.
Jud Cheuvront, Seminole, TX

PHY 375 WRF was, without a doubt, the most forgiving variety we planted this year. In the drought it stayed longer and made more with less than any other cotton we planted. We will plant PHY 375 WRF again in 2012.
Todd Oliver, Shallowater, TX

PHY 367 WRF showed excellent vigor and nematode resistance with high quality and very good yields.
Timothy Kitten, Idalou, TX

PHY 367 WRF has a nice ability to fend off nematodes. With the loss of Temik, we need all the help we can get.
David Pearson, Lubbock, TX

I have been planting PhytoGen cottonseed since 2000. PhytoGen has always been able to hold its own. It has very good vigor, yields as good or better than other varieties and grades well, with loan values at $.52 or above. PHY 499 WRF really caught my attention this year. It was one of the first ones out of the ground, grew off better, out yielded everything and was picture perfect through the growing season. On one field, PHY 499 WRF averaged 1472 pounds per acre while the rest of the field averaged 1339 pounds per acre. I have been very satisfied with PhytoGen cottonseed and look forward to working with the new varieties.
Wesley Batchelder, Palacios, TX

PHY 375 WRF has consistent high yields and, more importantly, gives the best grades even on poor soils.
Daniel Pacheco, Oro Valley, AZ

PHY 375 WRF came up good, yielded real well and graded out very well.
Thomas Doskocil, Burlington, TX

PHY 499 WRF performed fantastically in 2011. It has excellent seedling vigor and heat tolerance.
Michael Vanderwey, Phoenix, AZ

I planted an independent test plot on my farm last year and was real impressed with PHY 499 WRF. I will plant it again next year for sure on a good bit of my acres. The variety outperformed every other variety from emergence to cut-out. I had little to no rain the entire growing season and somehow the PHY 499 WRF picked over 1,000 pounds to the acre lint. The turn-out was also excellent at over 40%. Along with PHY 375 WRF and PHY 367 WRF, I think PhytoGen has a rock solid lineup for the coastal bend of Texas.
Brent Cerny, Midfield, TX

PHY 375 WRF has really done well for me the last two years, especially in 2011 when we were very, very dry. With only a couple of timely moderate rains, I managed to achieve an average yield of 1.75 bales over three farms. PHY 375 WRF is easy to harvest and had great yields and excellent fiber quality. I will definitely plant more.
Vell Johnson, Bishop, TX

PHY 375 WRF really took the dry weather stress better than other varieties, always at the top on yield.
Timothy Krenek, Egypt, TX

I have been farming on my own for 5 years now and every year I have planted PhytoGen. My first year I planted PHY 485 WRF and was amazed how it outperformed my other varieties. After that I was sold and have been planting PhytoGen cottonseed every year since. I've gone from planting PHY 485 WRF to PHY 375 WRF and now hopefully PHY 499 WRF. Watching that seed jump out of the ground is always a great feeling especially when weather conditions are not ideal. PhytoGen will always have a place on my farm.
Josh Marek, Pierce, TX

PHY 375 WRF had excellent vigor and held up the best during the drought. It outyielded most varieties.
Robby Strnadel, Louise, TX

This year was the most severe drought ever seen in our area. Limited moisture made even getting a stand to start the crop challenging. Side by side with competitors, PHY 375 WRF had a better stand and greater seedling vigor. After emergence, plant health was better. I could see the difference driving by fields without even slowing down.
David Kuhl, Taylor, TX

PHY 375 WRF is an excellent all around variety: good strength and excellent gin turnout. It will be my only variety for 2012!
Kevin Banks, Winnsboro, LA

I am a great fan of PHY 375 WRF. It's an early and aggressive variety that gets up out of the ground in the spring and never slows down. It is easy to manage with growth regulators. PHY 375 WRF fruits early and, if you have proper conditions later in season, it continues to fruit well. Raised 14001500 lbs acre on dryland!
Marcus Jost, Brooksville, MS

PHY 565 WRF performed well on my farm. It has excellent vigor and grows well.
Chad Dauzat, Marksville, LA

I have been planting PhytoGen on my farm for a number of years. This year I am very pleased to say that PHY 375 WRF was my top yielder.
Thomas Picket, Washington, LA

The vigor and quality of PHY 367 WRF was better than ST 5458B2RF and ST 5288B2F, which were very productive on my farm.
John Bariola, Greenwood, MS

PHY 375 WRF looked good from the start. It was very healthy, grew well and did not require a lot of growth regulator. It was another dry year but PHY 375 WRF averaged over 1300 pounds. If that doesn't make my banker happy I don't know what will!
Ron Gearig, Macon, MS

My PhytoGen cotton was again my best yielder and had excellent grades. I will plant all PhytoGen next year.
Bill Payne, Greenville, MS

PhytoGen cottonseed netted four to five cents per pound better than the other seed used on the entire farm.
Larry March, Sondheimer, LA

We planted PHY 375 WRF this year. We have been very satisfied with the product and our PhytoGen representative.
Trent Eaton, Rienzi, MS

PHY 375 WRF is the most consistent variety we grow!
Richy Bibb, Tunica, MS

I have been planting PhytoGen for the last six years and have been very pleased with the yield, strength, vigor and mic. My PhytoGen representatives provide quality support and services.
Donald Douglas, Wildersville, TN

PHY 375 WRF outyielded DP 0920 B2RF in an area where we had .03 inches of rain between July 4 and September 15. Even as dry as it was, PHY 375 WRF still made about 600 lbs. It picked clean and graded well too. I plan to plant more 375 next year.
Lee Graves, Moscow, TN

PHY 375 WRF produced higher yields and better loan value than the Stoneville cotton I planted.
Joe McDaniel, Atoka, TN

PHY 375 WRF came up strong and looked great even though we had a dry summer.
Amos Huey, Kenton, TN

We planted PHY 375 WRF and PHY 367 WRF in 2011. I can't say anything negative about either variety. Both were strong coming out of the ground and held up well during the hot, dry summer we had. Both PHY 375 WRF and PHY 367 WRF had a CLEAN stalk behind the picker. Most importantly, both varieties brought 53-55 cent in the loan. 'Nuf said.
Thomas Moore, Denmark, TN

We planted PHY 375 WRF and PHY 367 WRF. The vigor was good and yield was at the top on the majority of my acres. The quality was excellent even with hot, dry weather.
Matt Griggs, Humboldt, TN

PHY 375 WRF grew off real well. The variety gives me an option in my tool belt to fight resistant weeds. The loan values of PHY 375 WRF are better than average. I'm hoping to plant some PHY 499 WRF on the farm this year to see how it tests with other varieties.
Adam Hill, Bethel Springs, TN

I am very pleased with the way PHY 375 WRF performed on my farm in 2011. We started off with cool, wet conditions and the seedling vigor was strong enough to get a satisfactory stand. As the season progressed, my cotton grew well and established a dense canopy early. This helped to preserve soil moisture and keep weeds shaded. As summer progressed, our area became very hot and dry. I am more than pleased with PHY 375 WRF's performance under adverse weather conditions.
Adam Young, Friendship, TN

I have been very pleased with the fiber package and yield of the PHY 375 WRF. It has excellent seedling vigor and looks great right from the start.
Stoney Hargett

PHY 375 WRF is always at the top of the pack in my cotton operation. I plant several different varieties to compare them side by side and year after year the, PHY 375 WRF is the cotton to beat!
Jared King, Medon, TN

PHY 565 WRF and PHY 375 WRF have outperformed all other cottonseed I have ever planted! We also were lucky to receive about 20 acres of PHY 499 WRF and it looks better than the 375!
Zachary Burke, Tifton, GA

PHY 565 WRF outyielded FM 1845 LLB2 by 300 pounds per acre and graded real well. If PHY 499 WRF is better, we're ready to plant some in 2012.
Tim Kinard, Vienna, GA

I got my hands on some PHY 499 WRF. Well, let's just say I'm going all in if supply allows. Keep it up!
Michael Williams, Cochran, GA

PHY 565 WRF is the best variety I have ever grown. It's also some of the best cotton I've ever picked and it grades well.
Tim Walker, Enigma, GA

PhytoGen cottonseed has outstanding vigor and quality. All our acres will be planted to PHY 375 WRF and PHY 499 WRF in 2012.
Larry Williams, Cochran, GA

PHY 499 WRF had the best vigor of any seed we planted in 2011.
George Warbington, Vienna, GA

PHY 375 WRF had the best early season vigor of any variety I planted and performed well on both dryland and irrigated acres.
Blake Wilson, Ocilla, GA

We had very few replant issues with PhytoGen varieties, while 75% of DeltaPine cotton had to be replanted. PhytoGen had good seedling vigor and better weed control.
Michael Knowles, Milan, GA

PhytoGen was an excellent seed choice that we will choose again. Varieties were hardy and drought tolerant.
Suzie Rhodes, Autaugaville, AL

PHY 565 WRF had bigger yields, better grades, bigger seed, better germination and picks better.
Coy Patterson, Kinston, AL

PHY 375 WRF will be my main variety this year, along with PHY 499 WRF. The grade on PHY 375 WRF was better than DP 1050 B2RF and made me an extra $.02 per pound.
Clark Hatfield, Deatsville, AL

PHY 375 WRF had great vigor during a stressful spring. Yields were high even though we were hit by a hurricane. Grades, however, were the big surprise. PHY 375 WRF had high loan value when other varieties were showing high micronaire.
Terry Boone, Jackson, NC

When we started growing cotton we used an array of different varities. Year after year PhytoGen outperformed the competition. Now we plant 100% of our acres to PhytoGen. Even in dry conditions PhytoGen yields better than the competition.
Andrew Darden, Carrsville, VA

PHY 375 WRF has been a great variety for our operation for the past 4 years. I am most impressed with PHY 367 WRF though. We have some sandy land that is considered marginal at best, from which we've only ever seen marginal yields. We experienced little rainfall and some intense heat this summer and PHY 367 WRF gave us yields we have never seen on this land, even in near perfect growing conditions.
Brad Harrison, Snow Hill, NC

PHY 565 WRF really impressed us. It beat all DeltaPine varieties we planted. We'll be planting a lot more PHY 565 WRF next year.
Mike Crapse, Hampton, SC

For two years in a row, PhytoGen has outperformed all other varieties, even under drought conditions.
Wesley Wiles, Blackville, SC

Year in and year out, PhytoGen cottonseed seems to perform! We experienced an abnormal growing season and PHY 375 WRF was very easy to manage.
Jared Webb, Yale, VA

PhytoGen performed better than any other cotton brand that I have planted in the past.
Mark Carr, Carrsville, VA

In 2011, my PHY 375 WRF yielded between 850-1150 lbs/acre. ST 5288B2F yielded 550 lbs/acre and FM 1845LLB2 yielded 700 lbs/acre. It's easy to see why I like PhytoGen varieties.
Lee Dickens, Roanoke Rapids, NC

The experience of growing PHY 375 WRF the past 2 years has proven to be the best variety decision I have made since I began planting cotton 17 years ago. This variety is well adapted to our growing conditions. We experienced excellent yields in both 2010 and 2011, although the weather conditions in 2011 gave us a bit of a challenge. Wet conditions early on prevented us from planting until mid-May, yet PHY 375 WRF's early maturity and indeterminate traits gave us an excellent crop. During the summer we experienced typical hot/dry conditions with intermittent rains, but PHY 375 WRF came through for us at season's end. It is clear that PhytoGen has made a commitment to providing superior cottonseed varieties in our region. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with PhytoGen as it continues to develop its line of top-performing varieties for the cotton belt.
Jason Pierce, Timmonsville, SC

We planted PHY 375 WRF and PHY 565 WRF. They do well in every aspect. I can't say enough about these two varieties. Just plain good!
Jimmy Norwood, Darlington, SC

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