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I have grown only PhytoGen seed for years and been very happy.
Douglas Mederos, Tulare, CA

PhytoGen cottonseed has been our number 1 choice now for a while. Excellent yields and quality year after year. We have had two five bale fields one with 725rf and one with 72. We had real good yields this year with 499 also 4.75 bales and excellent fiber.
Geoff Toledo, Visalia, CA

I have been using PhytoGen seeds for ten years and have been satisfied with the results.
Walt McDonald, Los Banos, CA

I've planted PHY 499 now for three years and have averaged over 3 bales per acre each season. Can't argue with that kind of consistency.
Bill Schmidt, El Campo, TX

Deltapine 555 used to be King but in our area we have crowned a new King and Supreme Potentate, PHY 499 WRF.
Alan Stasney, Beasley, TX

Great seed and great reps!! I really like the innovation and team PhytoGen is bringing.
Tim Ballinger, Dumas, TX

Out-yielded Fibermax. Got the attention of my neighbors.
William Cleveland, Rotan, TX

499 is the fastest emerging cotton that I have ever grown. It is up and growing while other varieties are still trying to emerge. 499 is also much more tolerant to vert. wilt ground than other varieties that I have tried on the same plot.
Tony Martin, Ralls, TX

I have planted 100% 375 since 2008, with the exception of 2012. That year I planted 4 bags of Stoneville a seed rep gave me, it was about 300 pounds less than 375 and about 4 cents less in loan price. This year we had a hard time at planting and had to plan.
Tommy Butner, Halls, TX

499 really hung in there during the drought, we got some rain in July and the cotton really took off and made a decent crop.
Jimmy Smith, Elk City, OK

Last year 499 made 3 3/4 bales per acre for all time high by about a bale.
Charlie Jurva, Carlsbad, NM

I have been planting PhytoGen cottonseed since 2000. PhytoGen has always been able to hold its own. It has very good vigor, yields as good or better than other varieties and grades well, with loan values at $.52 or above. PHY 499 WRF really caught my attention this year. It was one of the first ones out of the ground, grew off better, out yielded everything and was picture perfect through the growing season. On one field, PHY 499 WRF averaged 1472 pounds per acre while the rest of the field averaged 1339 pounds per acre. I have been very satisfied with PhytoGen cottonseed and look forward to working with the new varieties.
Wesley Batchelder, Palacios, TX

PHY 375 WRF has consistent high yields and, more importantly, gives the best grades even on poor soils.
Daniel Pacheco, Oro Valley, AZ

PHY 375 WRF came up good, yielded real well and graded out very well.
Thomas Doskocil, Burlington, TX

PHY 499 WRF performed fantastically in 2011. It has excellent seedling vigor and heat tolerance.
Michael Vanderwey, Phoenix, AZ

I planted an independent test plot on my farm last year and was real impressed with PHY 499 WRF. I will plant it again next year for sure on a good bit of my acres. The variety outperformed every other variety from emergence to cut-out. I had little to no rain the entire growing season and somehow the PHY 499 WRF picked over 1,000 pounds to the acre lint. The turn-out was also excellent at over 40%. Along with PHY 375 WRF and PHY 367 WRF, I think PhytoGen has a rock solid lineup for the coastal bend of Texas.
Brent Cerny, Midfield, TX

PHY 375 WRF has really done well for me the last two years, especially in 2011 when we were very, very dry. With only a couple of timely moderate rains, I managed to achieve an average yield of 1.75 bales over three farms. PHY 375 WRF is easy to harvest and had great yields and excellent fiber quality. I will definitely plant more.
Vell Johnson, Bishop, TX

PHY 375 WRF really took the dry weather stress better than other varieties, always at the top on yield.
Timothy Krenek, Egypt, TX

I have been farming on my own for 5 years now and every year I have planted PhytoGen. My first year I planted PHY 485 WRF and was amazed how it outperformed my other varieties. After that I was sold and have been planting PhytoGen cottonseed every year since. I've gone from planting PHY 485 WRF to PHY 375 WRF and now hopefully PHY 499 WRF. Watching that seed jump out of the ground is always a great feeling especially when weather conditions are not ideal. PhytoGen will always have a place on my farm.
Josh Marek, Pierce, TX

PHY 375 WRF had excellent vigor and held up the best during the drought. It outyielded most varieties.
Robby Strnadel, Louise, TX

This year was the most severe drought ever seen in our area. Limited moisture made even getting a stand to start the crop challenging. Side by side with competitors, PHY 375 WRF had a better stand and greater seedling vigor. After emergence, plant health was better. I could see the difference driving by fields without even slowing down.
David Kuhl, Taylor, TX

499 is a top notch variety.
Derek Dauzat, Marksville, LA

Even though I presently only grow a small amount of cotton I want it to be Phytogen.
Bill Payne, Greenville, MS

499 and 339 were my two top yielding varieties 3.2 bales 3.4 bales
John Bariola, Greenwood, MS

It's one hell of a seed
Cory Sayles, Pope, MS

Jamie Howington, Tallulah, LA

Farming for 35 years. First time to make 1500 pounds non irrigated cotton thanks to 375 and 499, also the grades were excellent.
Lee Akin, Somerville, TN

In my community I have been the pioneer for PhytoGen, from test plots of 375 to later incorporating 499. Since then, other farmers in our area have taken notice and are now planting more PhytoGen Cottonseed.
Donald Douglas, Wildersville, TN

PhytoGen 375 is our most consistent variety. Year after year we've looked at other newer varieties but haven't found anything as solid as 375.
Joe McDaniel, Atoka, TN

I can always count on PhytoGen seed to come out of the ground running to a good start.
Matt Palmer, Thatcher, AR

Have been growing Phytogen cotton now for several years. Do not plant DPL period. Phytogen varieties have great vigor, yield potential, grade quality, and good field representation by sales and agronomist.
Ken Hall, Poulan, GA

Since it was introduced, PhytoGen 499 has consistently performed well on my Southeast Georgia farm, even though weather conditions have varied significantly from year to year.
Justin Franklin, Decatur, AL

PhytoGen 499 has outperformed every other variety on my farm. I will be planting 100% PhytoGen in 2014.
James Mason, Eclectic, AL

Best cotton since 555.
Cheryl Pollock, Camilla, GA

PhytoGen 499 is by far the best cotton variety that we've ever planted. The yield and grade is excellent. I'm not usually one to put all of my eggs in one basket, but all of my cotton acreage will be Phytogen 499 again in 2014!
Darrell Williams, Swainsboro, GA

I am a crop consultant/CCA. I have really enjoyed the PhytoGen 499 and it's flexibility. Strong yielder that adapts well to many different soil types.
Luke Johnson, Donalsonville, GA

PHY 499 has performed very good on our farm the past two years. Next year I will plant 80% 499 with the balance being some of PhytoGen's new varieties.
Todd Frank, Foley, AL

In 2012 I planted 50% PhytoGen 25% Fibermax and 25% Delta Pine, the PhytoGen smoked the others and I plant 100% ever since.
Michael Sumner, Ocilla, GA

PhytoGen varieties have been consistent yielders even under very extreme wet conditions this past year. The added bonus of different weed control options is very important to us.
Tim Garrett, Swainsboro, GA

PhytoGen is the best choice especially on dry land conditions because of the strong vigor it has a good yield and very easy to manage.
Michael Knowles, Milan, GA

PhytoGen seed comes out of the ground fast and a solid stand. Deltapine is slow and will not come up a stand. 499 made 100 pound to the acre more than the 1050 did.
Stan Clements, Dixie, GA

375 is a very consistent yield and 499 has excellent vigorous growth. I have great yields and excellent grades with PhytoGen Cottonseed.
Shelby Castelloe, Windsor, NC

For the past two years, the 375 cotton has out-yielded all other varieties. This year it was really good for me; I averaged 1650 lbs on one farm and over 1100 on the rest, thanks to the 375 PhytoGen cotton. Needless to say, 375 will be on all of my acres.
Greg Brown, Hartsville, SC

Love growing PhytoGen 499 and watching it grow! You don't think it's going to do much and at last minute it develops and out-yields everything in the field. We plan on planting all 499 in 2014.
Callie Williford, Elm City, NC

499 has always outperformed every other variety hands down.
Chris Drake, Newsoms, VA

We plant a variety of Deltapine and PhytoGen Cottonseed. By far, PhytoGen 499 has been the top yielded for the past 3 years on our farm. It doesn't really matter where we put it, it never fails to impress us.
Trevor Snyder, Capron, VA

499 rocks my socks, its awesome, its the chungo bungo of cotton.
Chance Crowder, Newsoms, VA

Samuel Ward, Bishopville, SC

Best cotton in my operation by far. I always thought 375 was good until I planted 499. The 499 is not real flashy but it will produce cotton. I plan to plant more acres to 499.
John Williams, Williamston, NC

We had too much rain but it still prevailed as usual PhytoGen cotton is almost bullet proof.
Brian Bosselman, Suffolk, VA

PhytoGen cotton has continued to deliver high yields year after year. Thank you!!
Jared Webb, Yale, VA

Meet our 2014 winner

Tommy Butner, winner of the 2014 Best Yielder Club sweepstakes

Congratulations to Tommy Butner of Halls, Tennessee, the 2014 PhytoGen Best Yielder Club winner! He is shown here with Cotton Development Specialist Dr. Chris Main, Sales Representative Todd McClellan and his pallet of PhytoGen seed.

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