West Local Variety Performance Data

Below you will find an archived list of local data sheets from PhytoGen cottonseed and WideStrike Instect Protection that may be downloaded at no cost.



PHY 725 RF 

Genuity® Roundup Ready® Flex conversion of PHY 72. Excellent staple length. High yield potential with adaptation across San Joaquin Valley.

PHY 764 WRF 

WideStrike® Insect Protection and Genuity® Roundup Ready® Flex variety.

PHY 805 RF 

First commercial Pima variety available with Genuity® Roundup Ready® Flex. Offers outstanding yield potential and fiber quality with moderate tolerance to Fusarium Race 4. The parentage is PHY 800.

PHY 811 RF 

Offers outstanding yield and fiber quality with the additional benefit of early maturity and a high level of tolerance to Fusarium Race 4.

PHY 841 RF 

High yield potential on highly fertile, medium soil types. Responds well to high inputs and strong growing environments. Medium to full stature variety. Highly-tolerant to Fusarium Race 4, better tolerance than PHY805 RF. Similar maturity to PHY811 RF, with better yield potential on high input acres.

PHY 881 RF 

Robust variety suited for medium to heavy clay soil types, providing high yield potential in tough irrigated environments. Medium to Full stature variety. Highly-tolerant to Fusarium Race 4. Strong seedling vigor with quick emergence. Earlier maturity than PHY805 RF.

PHY 888 RF 

Full-season and full-statured variety with Genuity Roundup Ready Flex. Compared to PHY 805 RF, PHY 888 RF exhibits a yield improvement of up to 12%. Tolerance to Fusarium Race 4 is also improved compared to PHY 805 RF. Fiber characteristics – including micronaire, staple length and staple strength – are all within the desired ranges for ginning.

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