Management Recommendations for Converting CRP Land to Corn


One or more years before planting:

Control brush and woody plants throughout the life of the Conservation Reserve Program contract

  • Once allowed to mature, trees and other brush make establishing cropland very difficult and time-consuming
  • Carefully watch for encroaching brush and treat immediately
  • Initiate renovation-type programs on overgrown land several years in advance

Use Milestone® herbicide to control noxious and invasive weeds

  • Targeted control of Canada thistle and other tough-to-manage noxious and invasive weeds
  • Application flexibility — can be used as a spring or fall treatment — to speed progress
  • Wide application window means Milestone controls even more mature weeds
  • Safe to desirable grasses so cover remains to protect the soil
  • Non-restricted use — no need for a special license to purchase or apply1
  • No grazing restrictions should drought or other circumstances open the land to grazing2
  • Corn can be planted as soon as 12 months after treatment

Use ForeFront® R&P herbicide to control a broad-spectrum of weeds

  • Superior, broad-spectrum weed control, including Canada thistle, biennial and plumeless thistles, horsenettle, ironweed and ragweed — weeds that can be difficult to control in-crop
  • Season-long performance from one application
  • Wide application window means ForeFront R&P controls weeds of varying sizes and maturity levels
  • Safe to desirable grasses
  • Non-restricted use — no special license required1
  • No grazing restrictions2
  • Corn can be planted as soon as 12 months after treatment

Twelve months or less before planting:

Use WideMatch® herbicide to control broadleaf weeds

  • Labeled for use on CRP acres
  • Controls more than 60 broadleaf weeds, including Canada thistle, wild buckwheat, large and ALS-resistant kochia, cocklebur and morningglory
  • Allows conversion to corn production without delay

Fall prior to planting:

Treat with Glyphomax® XRT herbicide to control grasses and broadleaf weeds

  • Effective, non-selective control of more than 100 annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses


Follow up as needed with Glyphomax XRT as a preplant burndown application.

During the growing season:

Use Keystone®, Keystone® LA, FulTime®, Surpass® or TopNotch® herbicide to maintain clean fields all season long

  • For foundation weed control in conventional and herbicide-tolerant corn
  • To reduce risk of yield loss by controlling early emerging weeds that compete with corn in its early developmental stages
  • To allow growers to make a single post-glyphosate application of Glyphomax XRT in herbicide-tolerant corn on weeds that are smaller, more uniform in size and easier to control