Introducing Remedy­® Ultra: A new, better tool for brush control



Ranchers, farmers and land managers have a new option for controlling tough woody plants and brush on rangeland, pastures and Conservation Reserve Program.

"Remedy Ultra offers several advantages over other brush control products," says Robert Stewart, marketing specialist with Dow AgroSciences. "Most importantly, it improves control of certain woody plants, including mesquite, so desirable plants can flourish."

Remedy® Ultra herbicide is a powerful, low-odor version of Dow AgroSciences' popular Remedy herbicide.

"This new formulation uses methylated seed oil, a nonpetroleum, plant-derived solvent," Stewart explains. "The result is outstanding results with a lower environmental impact when compared with products that use petroleum distillate solvents."

In addition to mesquite, Remedy Ultra improves control of cherry, red oak and sweetgum. It also provides lasting control of other important brush species, including hedge (Osage orange, bois d'arc), elm, saltcedar, poison ivy, Sericea lespedeza, Virginia creeper, twisted acacia, Russian olive and many others.

Remedy Ultra offers flexible treatment options designed to help producers and land managers reclaim lost grazing acres through larger-scale renovation-type programs, or prevent those losses by treating individual scattered plants or encroaching brush in fence lines and pasture perimeters.

"During the next couple of years, many landowners will be taking a closer look at their CRP ground," Stewart notes. "Whether they plan to keep the land in the program or return it to production, Remedy Ultra gives them the perfect tool for cleaning up trees or shrubby brush on those idle acres."

Tank-mix options
When broadleaf weeds combine with woody brush to reduce grass production and forage utilization, land managers can tank-mix Remedy® Ultra herbicide with a broad-spectrum broadleaf herbicide, such as ForeFront™ R&P herbicide or Grazon® P+D herbicide. ForeFront R&P and Grazon P+D also provide the added benefit of soil residual activity to stop later germinating weeds or brush sprouts.

Remedy Ultra is safe to desirable grasses and carries no grazing restrictions, except for lactating dairy animals. Remedy Ultra is not a federally Restricted Use Pesticide.

"Nothing shrinks pastures, or limits an animal's ability to graze, faster than brush," Stewart says. "And with today's high demand for quality grazing and emphasis on holding down feed costs and fuel expense, it makes sound economic sense to go with a more lasting solution to brush control."

Remedy Ultra is packaged in 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon jugs and 30-gallon plastic drums and is available through traditional ag-chem dealers and custom applicators.